Olivia Newton-John fights her third cancer with cannabis

Olivia Newton-John fights her third cancer with cannabis

Olivia Newton-John. The actress explains how her husband grows 21 varieties of cannabis to extract the product used to combat pain, nausea and insomnia

Since Olivia Newton-John’s first diagnosis of breast cancer in 1992, the whole family, her friends and the actress’s fans have been cheering her on. Olivia Newton-John never concealed her illness but neither allowed it to mark her life. Since hercancer returned in 2013 (and again in 2017), she has used it as an inspiration model to help others. The actress opened her own public hospital: Olivia Center for Cancer Research and Welfare Newton-John, in Australia.

This week, Olivia will participate in a cannabis conference in Portland, Oregon. Many people believe that it is probably the last news they will hear from the star of Grease. But since she publicly announced her third diagnosis of cancer (stage four breast cancer that has metastasized to his bones) in September 2018, she has been being treated with cannabis to relieve pain and other symptoms.

The actress says that although at first she had doubts about the convenience of using cannabis, her husband, John Easterling, convinced her. John has always been an advocate of plant-based medicine. In 1990, he created Amazon Herb Company, a herbal wellness company.

Olivia says that her husband explained how cannabis could help her and that although at first she was a little nervous because she does not like the sensation of any kind of mental disorder, she began the treatment very slowly until she got used to it. The actress says it helps a lot.

For years, the actress’s husband has been cultivating specific herbal remedies for Olivia. Today, it grows 21 different varieties of cannabis, which it uses to create a product for it that is made up of 47% THC, 26% CBD and a large number of other cannabinoids, including CBG, CBC and CBN. Instead of isolating a single cannabinoid, such as THC or CBD, John personally believes in the power of what is known as the “entourage effect.” The entourage effect is based on the idea that each of the cannabinoids and terpenes (aromatic essential oils) that are naturally present in cannabis plants are necessary to optimize the medicinal benefits of the plant. While isolated THC can cause you to experience psychoactive effects or isolated CBD can help relieve anxiety, John believes that cannabis taken in its natural state, without isolated cannabinoids, may have better medicinal properties.

Olivia says cannabis has changed her life. Olivia’s cannabis treatment really began when her sacrum was fractured in September 2018. During the months after the fracture, during which she had to learn to walk again, the actress had excruciating pain that she initially treated with morphine. But Olivia wanted to quit her opioid addiction and started using cannabis. Gradually, she began to increase the dose of cannabis and began to combine different mixtures of the different varieties until she managed to completely dispense with morphine. Currently she does not take any pain reliever, apart from cannabis.

In addition to cannabis, Olivia also takes other herbs that her husband grows for her: cat’s claw, dragon’s blood, camu camu, graviola and others.

Olivia says that the people who have helped her the most against cancer have been her husband, John, and her daughter, Chloe. But part of its positive outlook comes from an internal commitment to hope to overcome the disease. Olivia says that it is a vital decision and that once you make that decision, you train your brain to keep fighting and convince yourself that you will win. The actress says she talks to her body and thanks it for every step she makes to improve.

This pop icon has remained busy since he recovered from his sacrum injury. Olivia recently attended Industry Dance Awards & Cancer Benefit Show in Hollywood, and in November she has scheduled an auction where she will sell most of the iconic movie costumes (including leather jacket and Grease pants) to benefit her Australia hospital. In addition, she joins her husband at the aforementioned Cannabis Science Conference 2019 in Portland, Oregon, where they talk about their personal experiences with cannabis in recent years.

The actress loves to learn from her husband about plants and what they can do to help people. She is excited by the idea of ​​speaking at the 2019 Cannabis Science Conference. Olivia believes that cannabis has helped strengthen her relationship with her husband since she has been able to overcome her morphine addiction and probably cancer thanks to the plants that her husband cultivates for her.

Newton-John’s husband, John Easterling, grows cannabis taken by the actress on her Californian ranch. Olivia Newton-John says she takes the medication every morning and at regular intervals throughout the day. Her husband gives her all these herbs every morning and makes her a drink of green algae. He grows the plants and makes them a liquid for her. She takes cannabis extract drops four or five times a day.

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