Australia funds studies of cancer treatment with cannabis

Australia funds studies of cancer treatment with cannabis

The federal government of Australia funds research on cannabis cancer treatment through a $ 3 million donation

The federal government of Australia has donated $ 3 million to investigate how medical cannabis can help cancer patients. Health Minister Greg Hunt announced this morning with actress Olivia Newton-John that more than 11,000 Australians have received the necessary license to access medical cannabis products, most of them this year. The Australian government research grant is intended to study how cannabis can help treat pain caused by cancer and other side effects of the disease. Hunt has assured the media that the Australian government is committed to harnessing the therapeutic benefits of medical cannabis.

Singer and actress Olivia Newton-John wants Australia to catch up with the United States when it comes to using cannabis for cancer treatment. Mrs. Newton-John has said that finally the Australian government understands that marijuana has not caused all the problems that people fear and that it is necessary to put aside that old idea that cannabis is a drug for hippies. He also said that cannabis had helped him incredibly to fight pain, insomnia and anxiety, particularly when he had to stop using morphine and started using cannabis. The popular actress had to fight cancer 3 times and cannabis was her best medicine. We recommend you read our article “Olivia Newton-John fights her third cancer with cannabis

Ms. Newton-John also said that she hopes Australia can become the epicenter of cannabis research. Nearly 80 Australian companies have obtained a license to grow and harvest cannabis in the past two and a half years.

It is good news that the federal government of Australia finances the investigation of clinical trials on the treatment of cancer with 3 million dollars. But the bad news is that only 11,000 Australians have a medical license to use cannabis.

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