Thailand, host of the World Ganja Festival 2020

Thailand, host of the World Ganja Festival 2020

After the legalization of medical cannabis, Thailand will host for the first time the World Ganja Festival 2020

After the legalization of medical cannabis, marijuana is seen as a crop with a lot of economic potential that can benefit Thailand’s economy. The Association of Researchers of Thailand and some people from the public and private sector have come together to organize the World Ganja Festival 2020.

The Association of Researchers of Thailand has signed an agreement with the Foundation of Thai Nationalism, the Association of Journalists and Media of Thailand and the provincial administrative organizations of Nakhon Phanom, Sakon Nakhon and Mukdahan to celebrate the World Ganja Festival 2020 between 29 January and February 2 of next year.

The place where the event will be held occupies a space of 40 acres of land near the Nong Yat reservoir in Nakhon Phanom province. General Charan Kullawanit, honorary advisor to the Ganja World Festival project, has said that the festival is held for the first time in Thailand, and will serve as a platform for people to exchange their knowledge about medical cannabis.

Thailand wants to promote medical cannabis tourism

The World Ganja Festival may help Thailand to position itself as the creator of high-quality cannabis strains, something that will have a greater economic growth in this Southeast Asian country. The President of the Thai Researchers Association has told the media that Thailand is the host of this event for the first time and that they are still deciding who they are going to invite. The president also said there will be Chinese, Japanese and American guests. Although Thailand opposed the legalization of medical cannabis at first, the President believes that his example could serve as a model for other countries in the Far East as the event will benefit the global community.

The World Ganja Festival is made up of three zones, which are intended for academic seminars, technological innovations and commercial negotiations, as well as local knowledge of each province. The event will also feature a product design contest and a music festival. The organizers of the event believe that the World Ganja Festival 2020 will generate many opportunities in addition to helping to improve the understanding of cannabis and its legal aspects. The event will take place near the border with Laos.

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