Prince Edward Island Reaches Peak Sales on Legalization Day

Canada. Prince Edward Island Reaches Peak Sales on Legalization Day

On October 17th, Canada legalizes the sale of marijuana which was seen as a historic event. This gave retailers all over Canada to make a lot of sales. This was very significant in the Canadian province of Prince Edward Island which the sales of marijuana exceeded the six-figure mark on the first day.

According to reports from local media sources, Prince Edward Island reached a total sale worth $152,408 on the first day of legalization.

The sales of cannabis in Prince Edward Island came from a few different sources. For beginners, online retail outlets started selling at midnight on Tuesday. On Wednesday, the sites online sales reached a high of nearly $21,000.

Taking into consideration the online market of the province, currently, there are three brick and mortar cannabis shops. These shops resulted in the remaining $130,000 or so.

Reports from local sources state that customers were significantly very happy to purchase from their local dispensaries. Customers queued to purchase their first legal recreational purchases early in the morning.

Charlottetown witnesses the most sales at the end of the day. The dispensary in that town sold over $61,000 of marijuana.

The town which came second in terms of marijuana sales was Summerside which sold about $37,733 of cannabis and cannabis products. And the town which came third place was the marijuana store in Montague which sold $32,674 in cannabis retail.

Even though the Canadian federal government legalized cannabis across Canada, provinces and local governments can still implement their own set of rules and regulations.

Local lawmakers in Prince Edward Island, have decided to restrict retail activity to the four dispensaries. This individual dispensary will be managed by the government rather than private. The province will also operate the online sales portal in addition to these shops. Furthermore, the province is permitted a home delivery alternative for buyers.

Prince Edward Island has decided to establish its own age limit for buying legal marijuana. The federal government has set the minimum age at 18. But in Prince Edward Island, the minimum age set at 19 and above.

Adults living in Prince Edward Island have no limit on the number of marijuana consumers possess. Individuals are not allowed to possess more than 30 grams of cannabis. That limit is according to the national rule.

Local governments have been facing the challenge of either to allow or disallow any kind of public consumption sites. A few areas have reflected the concept of cannabis cafes, lounges, bars, or tasting rooms. However, other areas strongly denied this kind of establishments.

In the meantime, Prince Edward Island has decided not to permit the public consumption of cannabis. Thus, can only consume marijuana cannabis in private residences.

After the legalization of cannabis in Canada, the nation became the largest in the world to do so.

Currently, Uruguay has significantly been the most successful country to legalize cannabis. In 2013, Uruguay legalized marijuana. But the nation began selling legal marijuana over the counter at pharmacies in 2017.

Uruguay and Canada are the two nations in the world that are challenging international laws related to marijuana. These challenges could possibly lead to similar changes in laws related to marijuana all over the world.

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