Irish girl has been 3 years without hospitalization thanks to cannabis

Irish girl has been 3 years without hospitalization thanks to cannabis

Ava, a 6-year-old girl who suffers from Dravet syndrome, has been 3 years without emergency hospitalization thanks to THC oil

Ava suffers from Dravet syndrome, which is a rare form of epilepsy, which means that without treatment she suffers up to 20 epileptic seizures per day. The condition called Dravet Syndrome can be fatal, but thanks to medical cannabis, Ava has been 3 years without emergency hospitalization. This Irish girl has improved dramatically. Before the THC oil, they had no solutions and could not find a way to improve the condition of the girl.

Vera, Ava’s mother, explains in the book that she has written how her daughter has miraculously improved since she started treatment with THC oil. She also tells how she made a long and hard campaign to get THC oil for Ava and hopes that her experience will be of value to other parents. Vera says that surviving Dravet syndrome is a constant battle that Ava has fought and continues fighting every day of her short life. She makes clear that the entire rehabilitation process would have been impossible without a medical cannabis treatment.

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This Irish mother feels immense joy for having overcome such a stressful moment in her life. She spent the night without sleep because of the fear that caused her to know that at any moment the police could enter her house to stop her and seize her daughter’s cannabis. It was very stressful to be certain that the police would enter the house. Vera tells in her book that it was not a matter of whether it would happen or not; It was a matter of when. But the terrible experience lived by this mother made her an activist in favor of medical cannabis in Ireland and the rest of the world. Vera has spoken in the House of Commons to explain the benefits that alternative medicine to treat severe epilepsy. This belief is supported by the fact that Ava has been 3 years without hospitalization due to another attack of epilepsy thanks to cannabis.

Medical cannabis has completely eliminated Ava seizures, which occurred up to 23 times a day. Fortunately, Ava’s health and well-being have changed beyond what any doctor could have thought. Little Ava’s teachers are amazed, as is her doctor, although he thinks the girl’s health is still fragile. But although her health is fragile, the truth is that a girl who experienced up to 23 outbreaks of epilepsy a day, now has not been hospitalized in the emergency room for 3 years. Speaking to the media, Ava’s mother says that the progress she has made is sensational and that her daughter can already speak. Before October the girl did not speak at all.

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