Cannabis at weddings is already an option

Cannabis at weddings is already an option

Cannabis at weddings is already an option

When people say “yes I want” all the details such as champagne and flowers are present, and now cannabis at weddings is another option

Now that marijuana is legal, cannabis at weddings is something that shouldn’t surprise anyone. If alcohol is available to everyone, why not a bar where you can access to marijuana products? Why can’t the bride carry marijuana foliage in the bridal bouquet?

Many people who plan to include cannabis in their weddings will visit the Toronto Cannabis Wedding Expo on October 27 to be held at the Berkeley Church located at 315 Queen St. E.

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It is not an indispensable condition that you are planning a wedding to attend. The organizer, Philip Wolf, 34, explains that it will be a fun event in which cannabis, food and drink (without cannabis) will be served and in which many entrepreneurs will be present willing to show you cannabis-based products and items as dresses of hemp, floral arrangements made with marijuana flowers, bongs for bridesmaids and limousines in which marijuana is smoked.

Wolf, who is a Texas cannabis industry entrepreneur and certified marijuana sommelier, explains that the Toronto Cannabis Wedding Expo will be an elegant and fun event, with food and drink, body masseurs, a hemp fashion show , cannabis art facilities and many cannabis industry businesses eager to showcase their latest innovations. It is an event for anyone interested in cannabis culture.

Wolf has already organized more than a dozen cannabis weddings. The Colorado-based entrepreneur has held other Cannabis Wedding Expo in Boston, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Los Angeles, among other cities. Other entrepreneurs have made events based on the theme of cannabis at weddings, but Wolf’s Cannabis Wedding Expo is the first event of this nature in Canada.

Wolf believes that although it is the first, it probably will not be the last. The businessman says that it is considered a bridge between traditional weddings and specialized cannabis products and services. He is convinced that cannabis is a wonderful “plus” for a wedding. He explains that marijuana is another libation for people to enjoy and that makes people participate in the sense of wedding celebration. His idea is based on the concept that people should be given options on how they want to participate socially in these events since alcohol is not the preferred option for many people, especially younger generations. Wolf is convinced that in 10 or 15 years, people will expect cannabis at weddings, as they now expect alcohol.

This entrepreneur has been involved in the cannabis industry for a decade. He first opened a medical marijuana dispensary in Colorado Springs in 2009 and has worked as a cannabis cultivation consultant. He later created a gastronomic company of cannabis pairing.

The idea of ​​creating the Cannabis Wedding Expos began with a friend of Wolf who has a cannabis flower arrangement company for weddings. But this friend was never given the opportunity to show her work at any wedding exhibition. Wolf explains that they were used to being denied a stand at the wedding shows. Finally someone gave his friend the approval to show her floral arrangements with marijuana in a traditional show and tried to charge her twice for the stand. Wolf was furious and told his friend that they should start their own event. In this way the Cannabis Wedding Expo was born and was a great success. The event allowed publicity for many young companies in the cannabis industry. After seeing the success of the event, Wolf and his friend decided to expand it to other cities. And from then until now cannabis at weddings is another option.

Toronto Cannabis Wedding Expo is October 27, from 11 a.m. at 3 p.m. in the church of Berkeley and you must be 21 years old to attend.

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