When marijuana doesn't bloom

When marijuana doesn’t bloom

When marijuana doesn’t bloom it may be due to different factors that range from light pollution to the absence of florigen

My marijuana doesn’t bloom. Why? This is something that happens to some growers. The time of harvest comes and the plant is not flowered. How is it possible? Remember that cannabis is a photo dependent plant. This means that cannabis needs light conditions to be able to flourish, conditions that give it enough time to produce enough florigen, the phyto-hormone that regulates the principle of flowering and that occurs only with 12 hours of darkness, such as to bring flowering to the end with the attempt to reproduce its genetics.

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Cannabis grows and blooms naturally because there are conditions of total darkness throughout the world, except at the planet’s poles, where the plant has evolved under this condition, and in cities, where there is always light pollution.

In these cities it is when marijuana doesn’t bloom since light pollution can block the flowering of photo-dependent plants that we have. The flowering of cannabis, with the exception of ruderalis varieties, depends on the hours of darkness.

The florigen was discovered in 1865. Julius Von Sachs discovered it by transferring wise from one flowering plant to another plant that was not in bloom and was of a different species. The plant that was not in bloom began and finished flowering. In this way, Julius Von Sachs managed to isolate this hormone.

When is this hormone activated? Depending on the plants, they are activated by changes in daylight hours or by changes in temperatures, or sometimes for both reasons. In cannabis, production varies based on the hours of light, or rather the hours of darkness. At present there are no known ways to stimulate the production of florigen, except for deceiving the plant with daylight hours in an indoor cannabis crop. The florigen moves through the phloem, from the leaves to the flowers or the points where the flowers will appear.

Florigen is the hypothesis of molecules similar to the hormones responsible for controlling and / or triggering flowering in plants. The florigen is produced in the leaves and acts in the apical meristem of the beginning of the buds and the growth tips. It is known to be graft-transmissible, and even works between species. However, the exact nature of the florigen remains a mystery. In any case, without florigen, marijuana doesn’t bloom

Cannabis, with the exception of ruderalis, needs at least 11 to 13 hours of darkness to produce enough florigen to flourish. This flowering hormone is created based on the level of sugars that the plant has produced during photosynthesis during all the times it has been exposed to light.

Occasional light pollution can raise gibberellin levels and cause a male flower to appear, giving rise to the manifestation of hermaphroditism. Precisely for this reason a green light bulb is usually recommended to see the plants at night, since the cannabis plant cannot see the color green and, therefore, the light of this color does not affect it.

Plants that are close to street lamps or house lights that are lit at night will not bloom, unless they are ruderalis varieties. Therefore, if you want to have a good harvest and live near a place that cannot be in total darkness for 11 or more hours, you know that marijuana doesn’t bloom.

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