Optimizing autoflowering marijuana indoor cultivation

Optimizing autoflowering marijuana indoor cultivation

Following the guidelines to optimize indoor autoflowering marijuana cultivation you will get a great quality and a greater production of flowers

Through the autoflowering marijuana indoor cultivation after two months or three months, depending on the variety you choose, you will get high quality crops if you follow a cultivation pattern since you have the possibility to recreate the photoperiod of the summer solstice and perfect environmental conditions for cannabis.

Autoflowering marijuana indoor cultivation gives very good results since cannabis likes the good weather and the sun and in our cultivation room we will have both things every day of the life of the plant since in addition to controlling the environmental conditions we can give the plants 18 hours of light a day.

It is very important to consider before starting the crop, the amount of plants that you are going to put. If you are going to grow autoflowering varieties that need 3 months to complete their life cycle, 4 plants per square meter is enough. If you grow varieties that only need 2 months we can put up to nine plants in the same space. Exceeding this amount is harmful, because the plants will become too tall and we will have to separate the lights from the lower branches a lot. This will cause each plant to only produce flowers at the top and also the quality will not be good.

As always, the first thing in autoflowering marijuana indoor cultivation is to germinate the seed. As soon as they have germinated we will put them in very small pots, the size of a yogurt container, until the seedlings come out and become a little long. This process will take us between 4 and 6 days. At that time we transplanted them to 7-liter pots that we will fill with good quality soil mixed with microorganisms.

When we transplant them to the 7-liter pots, it is highly advisable that we bury a little of the stem of the seedlings so that later roots sprout from that part that we have buried in the substrate. This practice is also useful to prevent the wind of the fans from bending the stems of the small plants and so that they do not spike too much. In this way we will obtain more lateral branches and more production.

The importance of controlling EC in cannabis cultivation

The importance of controlling PH in cannabis cultivation

In autoflowering marijuana indoor cultivation you have to take into account the water that we are going to put in the pot where we have just transplanted the small plant. You must think that the plant has hardly any roots and if they are surrounded by flooded land, it is very likely that the roots rot or have malformations. It is advisable to water at that time with only two glasses of water that we will throw around the edges of the pot. This way we will encourage the roots to go to the edges and also we will not flood the area where we have just transplanted. It is advisable to perform this irrigation using some root stimulant.

Until day 12-13, counting since the seeds germinated, the process is slow. But in the next 10 days the plants grow very quickly, provided we have been careful not to exceed the amount of irrigation water. During this stage we will use growth fertilizer. In order not to exceed with water, keep in mind that you only have to water when the substrate dries. Water a day later, so that the next day or maximum two days, the substrate is dry again. A good tip is to start with two glasses of water, and when the water from that first irrigation dries, we will only water with 1 glass of water. When that glass of water lasts only 1 day for the earth to dry, let’s water with two glasses. When the 2 glasses of water last only 1 day we go up to 3 glasses. It is advisable to individually the irrigation of each plant at least until the flowering phase begins, since each plant can have its peculiarities.

When day 20-21 arrives in the varieties of 2-month life cycle, or the day 26-27 in the 3-month life cycle varieties, we will start using a good flowering stimulant along with the growth fertilizer, until the first pre-flowers show up. At that time we will change the growth fertilizer for the flowering fertilizer.

In a few days we will see that buds have already formed on all the tips of the branches. It is advisable to continue with a flowering stimulator and even continue adding microorganisms. It is also advisable to add a contribution of sugars, which we will give throughout the flowering period, so that the plants do not weaken and provide low density in the flowers.

We will continue giving flowering fertilizer and the sugar contribution. But we will use them in alternative irrigations, that is, in an irrigation yes and in the following irrigation no, until the phase of fattening of the flowers arrives. When we have the buds formed (day 36-37), it is time to use the fattening fertilizer and continue using the budding fattening fertilizers one time yes and in alternative irrigation: one day we use it and in the next irrigation we do not use it, until the end.

In autoflowering marijuana indoor cultivation you have to do the same as in any crop. When we get to the 50-52 day of cultivation we will start to water only with water to go cleaning the roots and so that we can then make a good cure and that the marijuana does not taste either fertilizers or chlorophyll. The best thing you can do is to water them only with water until the end.

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