Start growing cannabis in June (North hemisphere) or December (south)

Start growing cannabis in June (North hemisphere) or December (south)

Growing cannabis in the month of June (Northern Hemisphere) or December (Southern Hemisphere) is a good option

Growing cannabis in June. For those who live in different hemispheres, we clarify that on June 21, in the northern hemisphere, it is equivalent to December 21 in the southern hemisphere.

In this article we talk about cannabis plants that have started growing in mid-June or later.

This article is based on the observation of many crops in the Mediterranean area in which the cultivation of cannabis is illegal and, therefore, the more discreet we are, the better.

Indeed, we must bear in mind that if the cultivation of cannabis is illegal where you live and cultivate, the less time you have your outdoor plants exposed, the lower the risk of being discovered.

To write this article we have observed crops that have started from the month of February to the month of August. And we can assure you that starting the crop in the month of June, your plants will exceed two meters in height and if you choose a productive variety, such as a Kemango, a Jack Herer or an AK-47, you may even have to make a or two pruning in height if you do not want to be too indiscreet.

We have seen many experienced growers who never start their crops before June 10; precisely to be discreet. And, nevertheless, they get very productive and high quality plants.

Keep in mind that the growth of a cannabis plant is exponential, not arithmetic. What does this imply? It means that the seedlings, at first seem to grow very slowly. But as soon as they have developed a good root system, the growth is spectacular. At first it seems that they barely grow one centimeter per day. But after two weeks, you can almost see them grow as quickly as they develop.

Seeds or cuttings

Plants that come from seeds are more productive. However, if you start to cultivate in mid-June, it is better to grow cuttings, because they already have a developed root system and, therefore, as soon as you put them in a good amount of substrate, the growth will be spectacular.

Therefore, if you are going to start growing your cannabis plants starting with seeds in June, the ideal is to put them to germinate at the beginning of the month and when they already have a height of about 30 centimeters (a couple of weeks approximately) , transplants to its final place.

On the contrary, if parts of cuttings, you can pass them to their final place in the middle of June and even at the end of the month. You will get very productive plants.

A good substrate

We have to keep in mind that if we grow late, we have to provide our cannabis plants with everything they need for perfect development. We have already said that a plant needs a good root system to develop a large and high quality top.

The weak point of marijuana is the root system. The seeds of cannabis are weak and if you do not put a spongy and loose substrate, the plant does not develop well and may even die. Therefore, it is very important to provide them with the best substrate.

What happens in nature where the substrate is rarely the ideal? How does a cannabis plant solve this problem? A female pollinated cannabis plant produces many thousands of seeds. With one in 100 getting germinated and developed, a single female will give dozens and even hundreds of new plants.

But when we buy seeds from a seed bank, the price we pay for them is not cheap. Therefore, we cannot and should not take any risk. The most absurd thing we can do is spend a significant amount of money on seeds and then save money by buying a bad land.

Do not be stingy and buy a good substrate. Also, since we grow late, it is important to provide each plant with a good amount of substrate. A sack of fifty liters of very good substrate costs around 13 Euros and even less. We talk about the best substrates. Is it worth spending less on substrate when a good plant can give you between half a kilo and a kilo of excellent marijuana? It’s stupid.

Give each seed 50 liters of the best substrate and you will see that, even if you grow at the end of June, you will get a spectacular amount of the best marijuana.


Unlike humans, cannabis plants do not have gluttony. They eat only what they need to achieve a perfect development. However, although in 50 liters of good substrate the plant gets all the food it needs if we grow late it is very advisable to add some root stimulant to the water of each irrigation. Because, as we have already said, the greater the root system, the greater the production of flowers and they will also be of better quality.

If you cannot spend money on root stimulants, you can go to the pharmacy and buy ampoules of vitamin B. These ampoules are called Benerva and can be found in any pharmacy for very little money. Add 3 ampoules of Benerva per liter of water and the root development will be explosive.

And if you do not have the budget to buy fertilizers at a specialized cannabis store, you can always turn to natural compuds made by yourself at home.

In conclusion, starting your cannabis cultivation in the middle and even the end of June is a good idea. You can even start in the month of July if you do things right.

Good luck.

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