How to install indoor cannabis grow lights

How to install indoor cannabis grow lights

How to install indoor cannabis grow lights in a closet or room

Indoor crops are a good option to grow marijuana throughout the year since we can adapt them to the required temperatures. We will explain how to install the indoor cannabis grow lights so that we can adjust their height and adapt them to the size of our plants.

We will explain three types of light bulbs: HPS, low consumption and Led.

HPS are the best known and used light bulbs in indoor cannabis crops because they give very good results for an economical price. They work with sodium and raise the electricity bill. There are 400w, 600w and 1000w. HPS bulbs get hotter than other systems, especially in confined spaces, such as closets or small rooms.

The 400w sodium bulbs give good results in 1 × 1 cabinets, being able to produce between 200 and 300g of dried flowers. 600w sodium bulbs are the most used for cultivation, since they are not much more expensive than those of 400 and are very effective in cabinets of 1.20 × 1.20. They give better results at a higher height because their light is more penetrating and deep and can produce up to 450 or 500g of dried flowers. 1000w bulbs are usually used in commercial crops because they give a great production. They are usually used in rooms and can cover up to 2 × 2, and can produce up to 800g of dried flowers.

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To install the indoor cannabis grow lights we will need: a reflector, a Cooltube, an extractor, an odor filter, two flexible tubes and pulleys. If we install them in a room, the Cooltube is not necessary but we must ensure that we have good ventilation. The first thing is to hook the Cooltube to the extractor, something that is done with 2 screws, depending on the model. Once they are well engaged, we will put the bulb through the Cooltube to screw it into the reflector. We will hook the pulleys to the top of the reflector, and on the other side to the ceiling of the room or closet. The side of the Cooltube that is free, we must connect it to a flexible tube on one side and on the other side we will connect it to the extractor.

Be sure to connect the extractor in the right direction, as it must take out the heat, because if it does not, the Cooltube may crack or the bulb may melt. We will be free one side of the extractor, to which we must hook the other flexible tube well, to finish the chain with an odor filter.

With this system we can reduce the temperature of the culture cabinet considerably and also, we can bring the bulb closer to the plants without burning them. We must clean the Cooltube after each harvest to not cover any light to our plants.

The energy saving lights are the most used in small cabinets because they do not get too hot and we can put them closer to the plants without burning them. They do not produce large crops but they are very effective in taking cuttings or maintaining mother plants.

With the energy-saving light bulbs we will not have the problem of warming the growing space so much, so that only with a reflector with a socket, the pulleys and the bulb can we do the installation. Simply we must hook the bulb to the reflector and this to the pulleys to regulate the height.

Indoor cannabis grow LED lights are excellent and more effective models constantly appear. The LEDs are an excellent option in Sog or Scrog type crops, since their light is not very penetrating and is concentrated in the upper part of the plant. The most current models offer a more penetrating light that will reach the base of the plant, allowing us to harvest much better crops without the need to grow many plants. The price is higher than the HPS lights but we will amortize it after a few harvests since they barely consume energy. The installation of indoor cannabis grow LED lights is the simplest and fastest, because we will not need reflector or ballast, and we will only have to hook it to the pulleys and connect it to the light with a normal plug.

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