Medical cannabis in the schools

Medical cannabis in the schools

Democrats and Republicans agree to implement the new law

There is a new proposal to allow the parents to give some forms of medical cannabis to their children while they are in the school. The proposal passed the state Senate. Democrats and Republicans agree that those student who need it, will be able to receive their cannabis medicines while they are in school.

The law would allow cannabis-infused products. Of course, smoking weed remains absolutely prohibited and it also bans any product high in THC. The parents will have to administer the products, leaving school officials and nurses out of the subject.

The bill has a specific clause according to which the new rules would be suspended in case federal officials threaten schools’ funding over the subject.

Even though some senators stated some concerns about potential consequences, the bill passed on a 41-4 vote. Senators considered that those families needed their help.

Besides the bill, a new system to state cannabis testing rules passed the Senate. Rules for testing cannabis according to strength, pesticides and other matters have always been a major concern in the new cannabis industry. It seems that the cannabis producers sometimes make difficult to check claims on their way of packaging and advertising.

According to the law, is the state Liquor and Cannabis Board the mechanism in charge of overseeing laboratory certifications. But the Department of Ecology found failures in the rules to test.

With a bill approved 44-1 by the Senate, the task of overseeing cannabis laboratories is transferred to the Department of Ecology and specific teams will be created to study matters such as pesticides in cannabis.

In the beginning, there were different people pretending to be laboratories when in fact they were not.

The proposal asks the Department of Ecology to issue reports of the new laboratory standards in 2020 and 2021. The final goal is obtaining better and safer products.

Even though the two bills had passed House votes, they return now for the final approval of amendments.

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