Medical Cannabis Legal in Cyprus

Medical cannabis legal in Cyprus

Due to Canada’s legalization of marijuana, the House of Representatives in Cyprus recently accepted a bill that will authorize the use of medical cannabis, and open a potentially lucrative new sector. This was done to satisfy the growing calls for legalization from the medical community.

The passing of the law on narcotics and psychoactive compounds permits the growing, importation, possession and use of medical cannabis.

The law also permits the use of special regulations for the importation of cannabis seeds and plants to Cyprus and establish licensing charges and place administrative penalties if regulations are defied.


Concerning the cultivation of medical cannabis in Cyprus, the parliament passed the bill by 34 to 18. The law further approves medical marijuana import and export and also endorses the use of cannabis for research purposes based on pharmaceutical.

According to the new law, they will only be three licensed producers for the first 15 years. The reason for this is to attract financially powerful organizations based on the growing and processing of medical cannabis.

The decision of 3 licenses is intended to act as motivation for companies who want to invest in Cyprus but also enhance security measures to ensure that medical cannabis is not used illegally.

Requirements for use

Most patients suffering from chronic pain linked to cancer, HIV, mobility problems, rheumatism, kidney problems, and glaucoma will be qualified. Patients suffering from Tourette’s syndrome or Crohn’s disease will also be qualified.

Last week, the European Parliament authorized a measure telling the European Commission and member states to start researching medical cannabis to start producing cannabis-based medicines.

The proposals want medical cannabis separated from other uses of marijuana. The plan also wants the Commission and member states to address supervisory, financial and social hindrances blocking scientific research and called them to finance research adequately.

It also calls for the EU to organize more research and facilitate innovation regarding medicinal cannabis projects.

MEPs want member states to permit doctors to use their knowledge before prescribing cannabis-infused medicines. If established, these medicines will be covered by health insurance plans without discrimination.

If cannabis-based medicines are regulated, it would lead to additional revenue for public officials, eliminate the black market and guarantee useful and accurate labeling. It would also prevent the use of cannabis among minors.

According to the MEPs, there is sufficient proof that cannabis or cannabinoids can successfully increase appetite and decrease weight loss linked with HIV/AIDS.

Medical cannabis can also be a potential treatment of symptoms related to mental disorders including psychosis or Tourette syndrome, and to relieve symptoms related to epilepsy. It can also relieve patients who have Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, asthma, cancer, Crohn’s disease, and glaucoma. Furthermore, medical cannabis can aid in reducing the risk of obesity and diabetes and alleviate menstrual pain.

The WHO recently confirmed that the cannabis compound cannabidiol (CBD) should not be removed from the list of controlled substance due to its vast medical capacity. This paves the way for future legalization in other countries.

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