A great campaign in favor of medicinal cannabis begins in Thailand

A great campaign in favor of medicinal cannabis begins in Thailand

Indeed, on May 21, the great medical cannabis march begins in Thailand, from Phichit province to Bangkok

Groups of activists start a march of enormous dimensions to get access to medicinal cannabis and its medicinal derivatives without many restrictions. The great march begins in the province of Phichit, in the north of the country, and ends in Bangkok.

The march is led by Decha Siripat, a pioneering activist in the use of medical marijuana and president of the Khao Kwan organization. He is accompanied by Dr. Arthit Urairat, a former member of the government and rector of Rangsit University.

Dr. Arthit joins the great march from the place of initiation, in the monastery of Wachiraphothiyarn, in the Po Thalay district of Phichit province, and has expressed his firm conviction in the principles of this campaign that attempts to eliminate cannabis from the list of drugs classified as category 5 and that their medicinal property is recognized once and for all.

Although he recognizes that marijuana is not the solution to all health problems, it is clear that it contains cannabinoids that are useful to save lives at a reasonable price that almost all patients can afford.

The organization of the campaign accuses the government of Thailand and its officials and bureaucrats of hindering the development of the process to facilitate access to medical marijuana in order to protect torturing interests of large corporations that wish to have a monopoly on the production of medical marijuana.

Dr. Arthit could not understand why the Palang Pracharat party did not respond to the requests of so many thousands of people who wanted reasonable access to medicinal cannabis in Thailand, when the fact of having maintained a more open position would have produced many more votes for the party at the last general election of March 24.

Meanwhile, Mr. Prapat Panyachartrak, president of the National Council of Farmers and former minister of natural resources and environment, expressed his firm conviction that it is necessary and urgent to create a new law for the regulation of cannabis, hemp and krathom (a psychoactive plant commonly used in Thailand).

Mr. Prapat Panyachartrak says he has the support of many members of the National Council of Farmers, who also support the easy access of citizens to the use of medicinal cannabis in Thailand.

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