Marijuana and Tattoos History and Significance

Marijuana and Tattoos: History and Significance

Marijuana and tattoos are highly connected. This is true because marijuana is usually linked with the typical image of a stoner tattooed from head to toe and is totally thoughtless.

For centuries, Cannabis has played a significant role in human evolution. It has become the most common drug in the world, but it is still illegal. It is widely used for recreational purposes or medicinal purposes. Presently, the laws on marijuana are slowly changing for the better and most nations are reducing the strict rules imposed on marijuana. The worldwide evolution of cannabis has led to the creation of many businesses which are already making an enormous economic impact.

A tattoo is a long-term design drawn on your body with shades embedded through pricks into the top layer of the skin. Usually, the artist utilizes a portable device that works as a body sewing machine. Each time the artist uses the handheld device to pierces the skin, a tiny drop of ink goes into the skin. This makes the skin the minimally bleed, which leads to some significant amount of pain. The use of tattoos has a long history which goes back to 2000 B.C. All through history, tattoos have been used for various reasons like religious symbols, amulets for protection, status symbols, identification for group membership, statements of love, and basic body adornments. When tattoos are used as body adornments they can be mainly decorative, however, they may also be used for a certain cosmetic purpose.

Marijuana and Tattoos History and SignificanceThe history of cannabis and tattoos has recently evolved into an industry. When we consider tattoos and cannabis we realize that both of them originated from a subculture into the mainstream over the past decades, but the association between cannabis and tattoos dates back thousands of years. In the 21 century, cannabis has become a popular medication while tattooing has become a popular form of art.

During the last couple of decades, there was a negative stigma surrounding marijuana and tattoos. People with tattoos were often considered as gangsters, thugs or low-class society and this was also the case with those who smoked marijuana. However, nowadays, this has totally changed for the better. This is because of the endeavors of most millennials who favor tattoos or cannabis and have the requirements and skills on ways to use social media and other types of media, the understanding of cannabis and tattoos are gradually evolving. From 1990 the total number of people who support marijuana has risen to about 60%.

The rising freedom of marijuana and the technological knowledge of millennials is pushing the efforts to legalize cannabis further, hoping that people will acknowledge the real healing properties of marijuana, rather than being misled by misconceptions.

People who smoke marijuana are not potheads. Marijuana can be consumed for many purposes which include medicinal and recreational.

Similar to cannabis, recent studies suggest that tattoos are becoming more preferable among millennials because they acknowledge that it is a way to express art. Getting a tattoo doesn’t entail that you’re a gangster, thug or serial killer. Nowadays people get tattoos for various purposes and tattoos to symbolize different meaning for different people. While some people see tattoos as a reflection of their personality, others see it as self-expression, a status of a significant life event or as an accessory for the body.

Based on your reason, if you decide to smoke cannabis or get a tattoo, it all depends on your personal preference.

Enthusiast of cannabis and tattoos don’t still understand why the federal government has classified cannabis as a schedule 1 drug, prohibiting researchers from conducting research on the drug. But with the recent legalization of cannabis in Canada, hopefully, things will gradually change for the better.

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