Cannabis in Jamaica

Cannabis in Jamaica

Marijuana in Jamaica. Smoking sativa strains in the Blue Mountains

Cannabis in Jamaica

Jamaica, ganja and Bob Marley are three concepts that everybody has in mind when they visit this Caribean country. Thanks to the Rastafarian community, whose symbol was, is and will be, Bob Marley and his reggae music, cannabis has become a real symbol of this country.

Rastafarians smoke ganja in their religious ceremonies. But if you visit the country, don’t think marijuana is fully legal. However, in 2015 it was decriminalized.

In 2.015 the law decriminalized possession of small quantities of weed for personal use. People are “allowed” to posses up to two ounces (56 grams) of ganja and they can cultivate at home up to five plants. However, and depending on several factors, you can be given a fine of 5 dollars. But if you are a Rastafarian adult and who uses ganja for religious purposes, then you have no problems. It is quite remarkable to think that Jamaica is the only country in the world where marijuana is legal due to religious reasons. And this means the first step toward full marijuana legalization.

cannabis in jamaica
Bob Marley’s bed

Medical marijuana is legal in Jamaica. Fortunately, “medical” is a term that can be quite flexible in this country. And it is this flexibility what allows tourists to consume weed without any problem.

Thanks to the legal status of cannabis, many Jamaicans are very happy thinking about the chances of weed tourism. If you are a tourist who uses medical marijuana, you can obtain a permit at the airport that will allow you to consume weed.

One of the most important activities in Jamaica is what they call “tour in outdoor marijuana farm”. You can be sure there is a remarkable experience that will allow you to try some of the best sativa strains.

Cannabisground has interviewed a Spanish tourist who owns a cannabis shop in Madrid. He is a real cannabis lover and has been traveling all over the world looking for the countries where smoking is legal and a lovely experience. His name is Carlos.

Cannabisground – Did you enjoy the experience? What is it like?

Carlos – It was amazing, man, amazing! I enjoyed a lot. I love sativa strains and in Jamaica you can try the very best ones. On top of it, smoking with Rastafarians is a plus that makes the experience even better.

CG – Why is it better?

C – Because Rastafarians live the ganja experience. It is much more than just smoking. It is something spiritual. You can feel it.

CG – Don’t they have indica strains?

C – I haven’t seen them. I figure out it is a question of climate. Only sativa strains can tolerate that humid weather. Of course they grow hybrids. But they are hybrid with a 90% of sativa heritage.

CG – Do they use “sin semilla” marijuana?

C – Long time ago all the marijuana was full of seeds. But they learnt the good way to grow marijuana and now all you find is marijuana without seeds.

CG – Do they start with seeds or with cuttings?

C – Both, but mostly cuttings. But they also have some farms where they breed regular marijuana to obtain seeds and after get feminized ones. They know a lot now!

CG – In Spain you have some excellent strains. Have you seen any in Jamaica?

C – It is very rare. Most of the strains are Jamaicans. In fact, at least while I was there, I only saw a Spanish strain.

CG – Which one?

C – A very good one. Its name is Creative and I had smoked it before. It is fantastic! And it thrives very well in that climate.

CG – Where did you find the best weed?

C – Everywhere! But I especially enjoyed the Blue Mountains. Imagine the landscape. It is a mountain whose altitude is 7.402 feet (2.256 meters). It is the tallest point in Jamaica. The sky is especially blue and is full of cannabis plants, coffee plants and banana trees. The environment gives the cannabis plants their unique organoleptic properties.

CG – Who took you there?

C – Some Rastafarians. They showed me everything and gave the best ganja to smoke.

CG – How do Rastafarians live the ganja experience?

C – Ganja is a question of religion and pleasure. It is easy to understand when you get there and smoke those wonderful sativa strains while you are listening reggae music.

CG – Is Bob Marley still important in the lives of Rastafarians?

He is still important for everybody. Marley meant freedom for Jamaicans and the way they perceive weed. He was a very religious man who considered ganja a vehicle to contact God. It is something that you can feel when you are there.

CG – How is the soil in the Blue Mountains?

C – It is very acidic, which is the best for cannabis. And it is spongy, which is fantastic for the cannabis root system.

CG – The weather is very humid, I guess..

C – Yes indeed. But the good sativa strains are used to those levels of humidity and they don’t develop fungal problems.

CG – Did you smoke hash?

C – Sure! They make excellent hash and charas. But it is mostly for tourists. Rastafarians are quite poor and they cannot afford it. Anyway, weed is too good and you don’t need hash to get very high.

CG – Any tip for the travelers who want to live the Jamaican experience?

C – Enjoy, enjoy and enjoy! But remember that when you come back home, don’t try to carry weed with you. If you get caught you will be in jail. It is considered drug smuggling and it is completely illegal. Before leaving the country, give what you have left to someone.

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