The perfect soil to grow cannabis

The perfect soil to grow cannabis

The importance of substratum to obtain the best weed

Cannabis is probably one of the most demanding plants if you want to obtain high quality marijuana. Growing cannabis, even without expecting good marijuana, can be difficult too. The reason why is because the root system of cannabis is really weak. Many people disagree with this statement. “What happens with wild cannabis in the wilderness?” – they say. The answer is very simple. In the middle of the country, a cannabis female plant produces about 10.000 seeds. Even in the worst conditions if only a one percent of them germinate and thrive, the continuity of the species is guaranteed.

But what happens when you pay a high quantity of money for10 seeds? You cannot accept that percentage. Because of my job as investigator I was given the best and more expensive seeds available in the market. I remember once I put in a regular fallow 100 seeds whose price was almost 1500 euros. None of them germinated. As I said the soil was perfect for tomatoes, potatoes or any other vegetable. However, it wasn’t good enough for cannabis.

The root system of cannabis is very weak and lazy. If you don’t provide an excellent soil nothing good is going to come out of it. How can we build the perfect soil?

But, to produce a great marijuana crop, it is necessary to make some effort to ensure the plant is able to produce a lot of THC and other cannabinoids. A good soils needs:

1 – A lot of nitrogen in vegetative period.

2 – Less nitrogen, more phosphorus during flowering period.

3 – A PH range between 5.8 and 6.3. Around 6 is the best option. It can tolerate PHs a little higher or lower than this, but you won’t get a perfect crop.

4 – A balanced ratio of soil fungus to bacteria. Because marijuana likes slightly acidic soil, it may be a little on the fungal side.

To choose your soil, a good idea is to err toward mixes that contain a different amount of ingredients. Select products that have natural fertilizers like worm castings, bat guano, or fishmeal. If you begin with a strong starting soil and the right natural nutrients you won’t need to splurge on extra products like PH fixers and excessive fertilizers throughout the process.

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