Canna nannas

Canna Nannas

Australian grandmothers spend their time teaching retired people to grow and cook cannabis

While most of the movements for cannabis legalization are led by the young people, there’s an advocacy group in Australia that’s run by and for seniors. They are named the Canna Nannas and they teach retirees to grow and cook with cannabis. What a lovely pastime!

One of their statements is:

“Cannabis does for us what spinach does for Popeye. We want to get that message that people who are in retirement, they will get a better life”

But since cannabis is illegal for recreational use in Australia the Canna Nannas “openly” use other, more traditional herbs in their demonstrations. The demonstrations with cannabis keep going but they are underground. But fortunately the legal situation of cannabis is changing. The industry of hemp in the country is gearing up for the introduction of hemp seed sales in the domestic market.

The famous farmer Phil Warner says: “using cannabis products in cooking is no different than any other food item.” It is very true. What makes the difference? And on top of it CBD is very rich in nutrients. Warner adds: “What you can get from the Cannabis plant, the industrial cannabis plant, is in a similar way to what you get from an orange or garlic or something like that. It boots your system”

When hemp oils, protein powders and other products go on sale in the near future, the Canna Nannas will have more ingredients to work with for helping retired people and breaking down stigmas around cannabis.

In most of the western countries people retire at 65. Many people of this age have smoked cannabis since they were much younger. They don’t see any type of stigma in cannabis. However most of the politicians who vote against cannabis legalization are younger. And many of them smoke cannabis. But they do it underground. It is a question of hypocrisy.

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