Indigenous microorganisms for your cannabis plants

Indigenous microorganisms for your cannabis plants

Korean Natural Farming is a kind of farming created by Cho Han – Kyu in the 1960’s. It focuses on the natural biological systems in soil. Natural Farming utilizes self-made microorganisms and nutrient solutions to maintain healthy microbes, enabling the growth of healthy plants

It is very common to use microorganisms to improve the quality of our soil and, therefore, get better plants. The food chain of life starts in the soil with the microorganisms. These little beings are the food for other bigger beings and so on. Without microorganisms the soil is dead. Nothing can thrive in a dead soil. These microbes, bacteria, fungi and so create the perfect conditions for our plants.

Nowadays many companies sell these products. But they put them in a bottle and sell them without taking care about the ideal environment conditions for them. Obviously the best microorganisms for your plants are those that live in your area. These IMO (Indigenous Micro Organisms)  are the microorganisms that have been adapting and surviving within the native soil environments for centuries or thousands of years. The organisms that primarily make up IMO are beneficial fungi, bacteria, and yeasts.

Growers who practice Korean Natural Farming cultivate a variety of the strongest IMO from their local environments. They are undisturbed ecosystems that keep being biologically active. The required soil conditions are met through the IMO process Cho Han-kyu created. Along with the IMO technology, Korean Natural Farming teaches the growers how to make recipes for their plants. These recipes are used to feed and maintain high populations of beneficial microbes.

It is important to collect IMO from not only the nearest and most similar area to that of your land. This is important but you better choose an area that even though is close to you is also very biologically active. The best place to start is any undisturbed leaf litter that could activate the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms. For example, a forest of deciduous leaf trees. These leaves, when they fall, start to rot. This way the produce billions of IMO.

Once you have found the place, a box made from plant material or wood is filled with rice and placed in the location. It is important to make your box visible so you can see the growth of white strands called mycelium. This process needs a certain level of humidity. I personally cover the box with a sheet of kitchen paper. This paper doesn’t allow the litter to get through but it is not thick enough to avoid the entry of IMO. The box then gives the microbes a home as they feed on the rice. This collection phase is finished once vibrant white mycelium completely covers the rice and weaves through all the grains to make a single mass.

It can be difficult to tell if the collected IMO are beneficial, but there are certain signs you can watch. The signals of good IMO are a lack of bad odors, a predominantly white mass (not red or black), and mycelium that can hold all the grains of rice into one mass.

Collect these IMO and your cannabis plants will be much healthier. A health cannabis plant produces the best flowers.

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