Denmark builds the largest medicinal cannabis plant in Europe

Denmark builds the largest medicinal cannabis plant in Europe

A cannabis multinational company builds 9,200 square meters of facilities to produce 20,000 kg of medicinal cannabis per year

In fact, the general director of the multinational Danish cannabis company that will carry out the project supervises the construction of an operation that will be the largest in Europe and will be completed in August, with more than 9,200 square meters of operating space and with the ability to produce 20,000 kg of high quality medicinal cannabis per year, capable of supplying the Danish and European markets.

For the month of May of the year 2020, the company is also expected to complete the first phase of an installation of almost 50000 square meters with the capacity to produce about 100000 Kg of medicinal cannabis per year. It is a milestone in an industry that in Europe is very new as there are countries in the old continent that are just beginning to consider cannabis as a safe and effective medicine.

According to the director of the multinational in Denmark, if they manage to build everything, and are sure that they can, that will give them a competitive advantage by being one of the first in the market and they can also create very high quality standards.

In Europe, this company was one of the first companies that won thanks to its experience in the cannabis market in Canada, which is more advanced than the European one and ranges from the cultivation of plants to clinical research and the design of facilities .The company operates in all aspects of the cannabis industry, as well as medicinal cannabis products of high quality, such as dried flowers and oils.

For her part, the Minister of Health of Denmark wants the entire cannabis business to be of quality and operational and requires more clarity for European producers. Indeed, the Danish health minister Ellen Trane Nørby believes that regulations on medical marijuana throughout Europe are uneven, which has the consequence that making business and accessing medicines is complicated.

During an interview given to the media in the framework of the European Cannabis Symposium in Copenhagen, the minister said that the rules and legislation on medical marijuana in Denmark and throughout Europe should be simplified for the benefit of patients and businesses.

Although the matter progresses slowly, the fact is that changes are already being made in the respective Danish and European parliaments. In Denmark they have already changed the legislation twice, to allow exports in bulk.

One of the closest changes is an extinction clause that will end the ability of Canadian growers to export medicinal cannabis to Denmark with pesticides approved by Canada.

Medicinal cannabis products imported into Denmark must be produced in a place certified as good manufacturing practice in accordance with European Union standards, which is currently not regulated.

Danish and international companies will start selling medicinal cannabis grown in Denmark in the coming months, which will increase the supply of products and also lower prices. All this will be very positive for the economy of the country.

Nørby believes that within a few months Denmark will sell its medicinal cannabis in many countries and that it will be very competitive, which will reduce price, and that there will be a greater number of products to choose from.

At the end of last April, 2104 patients had been prescribed medicinal cannabis since the program began in January 2018. There are many more patients than the 500 that the Danish Drug Authority originally expected to participate in the program.

Another 335 non-Danish patients, mostly Swedes, also had access to medical marijuana in Denmark during that period. And probably the number of Swedes who benefit from Denmark’s medicinal cannabis program increases as Sweden does not recognize the medicinal value of cannabis and has the toughest laws in Europe in relation to cannabis. If you want more information we recommend you read the article published in called “Sweden, the toughest laws against cannabis in Europe“.

Denmark’s four-year pilot program began in 2018 and ends in 2022. It will be evaluated in 2020 and will conclude in 2022. Depending on the results, the lawmakers will see how to continue and what to improve.

About the CBD

Minister Nørby also calls for more clarity and consistency in the regulations and laws related to the CBD throughout the European Union. For this reason Denmark has asked all European countries to provide their legislation in relation to the CBD, but many countries have not responded to this demand.

The point is that there is a free internal market in the EU. But we can see that many European countries sell CBD oil on the shelves of pharmacies and, however, have no legislation on the matter.

Some countries do not have legislation, or do not comply with current legislation. This situation puts patients and producers in a very difficult situation.

Last February, the World Health Organization recommended that CBD products that do not contain more than 0.2% THC should not be included in the international drug control conventions.

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