Clean Green the only way to certificate in the US your cannabis is organic

Clean Green: the only way to certificate in the US your cannabis is organic

According to the federal law in the USA, to certificate your green product is organic it has to pass the different standards required by the USAD organic labeling. Unfortunately, cannabis doesn’t have access to this regulation. Any other green product can have it; but so far cannabis cannot.

In the developed countries the tendency among users is to consume only organic. No need to say it is much better for your health. But if you want to certificate your product as organic in order to sell it like this, it is necessary to obtain this certificate of the USAD organic labeling. Because of this, some companies related to cannabis are trying to create their own industry . specific standards equivalent to the USDA.

Clean Green is a certification program available for cannabis growers and processors that allow users to be sure the marijuana or extraction they are going to consume meet organic standards.

What is Green Clean and how does it work?

Clean Green was created by the lawyer and organic certification agent Chris Van Hook in 2004. So far Green Clean is the largest cannabis program in the US. It has certified 174 customers and about 60.000 pounds ( about 170.000 grams) of cannabis a year. These numbers don’t include trim and small buds used for extracts and edibles. It operates in six states plus Puerto Rico and has started to operate in the east coast and Canada recently.

It all began when a farmer contacted Chris to certificate his cannabis as organic. But since it was impossible according to the USAD, Chris started to create the Clean Green program for cannabis producers, processors handlers and the products used in cultivation. Chris Van Hook said about this program: “It’s based strictly on what is considered the gold standard for the food and agriculture industry, which is the USDA standard. No one can claim their cannabis to be organic, but you can become Clean Green certified if you are looking to adhere to the federal organic regulations.”

To obtain the Clean Green certification you must follow the same standards than USAD. By using the same rules as USAD products, Clean Green complies with all the organic rules in all the fields of agriculture.

These standards are related to: Seeds, Clones, Soils, Nutrients, Pesticides and Edible manufacturing ingredients.

The success of this project is becoming enormous because it finally follows the same standards required by the USDA organic labeling.

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