Coconut fiber to grow cannabis

Coconut fiber to grow cannabis

What is the best substratum for cannabis root system?.

Some growers think the use of coconut fiber and PH water is an odd way to start a clone or a seed. This is absolutely wrong. The Denver Clone Store, for example, makes it clear that this is the best way to ensure that a clone can be transferred efficiently to many different substrates. Ant it also works in aquaponic and hydroponic systems.

Coconut fiber seems to be stringy and it does not look like regular soil. However, many experts know it is the substratum cannabis roots love the most. The basis of coco fiber is coconut husks, the cover of it. The fibers are produced by pirth . But before the coconut pirth is used to make the coco fiber substratum, it must be completely washed in order to remove the natural resins, salts, and any other impurities. This point is extremely important. Do not forget coconut trees grow near the sea. Therefore, they accumulate a remarkable quantity of salt. They must be washed in fresh water to clean them up. A thorough wash makes the difference between good and bad coconut.

Good coconut fibers holds much water and air, making them the best choice for growing clones that will be transplanted to other substrates.  coco fiber will produces more production than plain soil and it has fewer pests. Besides it is cleaner than plain soil and is much cleaner.

Coconut is very efficient at holding moisture and nutrients for roots. It also has a lighter texture that allows it to keep more oxygen. This helps prevent over and underwatering. Coconut helps your plant to build a healthy and fast root development compared to other substrates. It is is sustainable for the environment. It also doesn’t have to be replaced with every culture. It can be used more than once. But it must be perfectly washed because it tends to retain metallic salts. Therefore, between growing and flowering phases you should water your plants with water in abundance. This is the only “but” you can tell about coconut. This plus the fact of lacking nutrients. Don’t forget you must fertilize your cannabis plants. But it is the easiest and best system to grow cannabis. Don’t doubt it!

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