emigration and cannabis

Mafia of emigration and cannabis trafficking between Morocco and Spain

Emigration and cannabis. Hundreds of dead in the Mediterranean because of the narcos.

Emigration and cannabis. The crisis of the emigration of millions people from Africa trying to reach the south of Europe, mostly Spain, is leaving thousands of dead in the Mediterranean waters.

Every single day, thousands of people try to escape from the poverty and war that are crushing their lives. Every single day Spanish TV shows “pateras”, old boats, full up to the limits with too many people trying to remain seated among hundreds of “journey mates”.

These pateras try to reach the Spanish coast because is the closest to Africa. Only 14 kilometers separate Spain from Africa and although the distance seems short, the reality has more to do with other circumstances and factors different to the distance itself.

The security special force to monitor our borders is “the Guardia Civil”. This force has the best systems to watch the sea day and night. But the number of its members is limited.

Watching Spanish TV you can see every day scenes of the Guardia Civil chasing fast boats loaded with hundreds or thousands of kilos of hashis from Morocco. Normally the traffickers win the battle.

They have everything needed to win the battle and the war. On the Spanish coast they count on thousands of unemployed youth able to do whatever necessary to get some money. But the real force is on the Moroccan coast.

The Guardia Civil has priorities. The first one is to save human lives. If they are chasing traffickers and suddenly they detect a patera that is sinking, the rule is help the people first. The mafia of emigration knows this and they act in consequence. Eventually they launch several pateras, with too many people and in poor conditions to the sea.

The Guardia Civil detects three or four pateras with about 1000 people trying to save their lives because the boat is sinking. In such situation, all the Guadia Civil effectives go to help these people. All the effectives are busy rescuing human beings. Obviously they don’t have effectives enough to take care of something else.

The same night, probably only few miles away from there, a boat with hashis is going to the Spanish coast to unload its precious and valuable cargo. This is one of the mafia ways to move the hash from one country to the other.

Thinking that these casualties could be avoided changing the law and declaring cannabis legal in Spain, gives an idea of how senseless our politicians can be.

We could save lives and get money from the cannabis but we prefer to get dead people in the Mediterranean, jails full of people and the highest unemployment rate of Europe.

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