The most anti cannabis states in the US

The most anti cannabis states in the US

Despite the demonstrated benefits of cannabis legalization, four states continue banning the plant

Cannabis research firm ArcView found that aggregate North American sales skyrocketed higher by 33% to $9.7 billion in 2017, and they’re on track to hit nearly $25 billion by 2021, per estimates. That means a annual growth rate of 28% per year. That is a lot of money. And on top of it, the legal situation avoids the cartels to benefit from the black market.

When cannabis remains illegal, the money goes to the wrong pockets. It is not a simple question of taxes that could be used for the community. Who benefits from illegal situation of cannabis? This black market allows the financing of all types of terrorists, gangsters and so on. At least, it benefits to people who don’t pay taxes and earn a lot of money.

The US legalization occurred thanks to their northern neighbor. Canada is on the verge of becoming the first developed country in the world to legalize recreational marijuana. Canada’s legal cannabis industry could recognize $5 billion or more in added annual sales We must add to this what it already produces with medical marijuana and very soon the potential exports to countries where medical marijuana have been legalized. Countries where medical pot is legal and countries where marijuana will be legal. The business is enormous.

The four states that continue banning all kind of THC and CBD products

These four states have no concessions whatsoever with regard to CBD, low-THC, or THC products.


Although Idaho has not legalized any form of THC or CBD products, it has an opportunity to put a medical marijuana initiative on the ballot this coming November. The local Government has received a certificate of review from the state’s attorney general in September 2016. According to this, supporters have had until May 1, 2018 to collect 48,793 valid signatures in order to qualify the Idaho Medical Marijuana Initiative for ballot inclusion.  91% of Idahoans want to have the possibility of medical cannabis being prescribed by a doctor. So far, the initiative is still being studied. We expect the cannabis legalization very soon. We will see the results in November.

South Dakota

South Dakota is one of the most conservative states in the USA. . Unlike Idaho, which has a good opportunity to legalize medical cannabis this coming November, South Dakotans will not have that choice. Despite having submitted 15.000 signatures pro medical marijuana legalization, the secretary of state in this state stated on April 16, 2018 that there were not enough valid signatures to put the initiative on the ballot. CBD and THC products will continue being completely illegal in South Dakota for now.


This state has two cannabis initiatives that may find their way to ballot in November. The Nebraska Marijuana Decriminalization Initiative would decriminalize the possession of one ounce or less of cannabis, and it’ll need the signatures of 7% of the state’s voters prior to early July in order to get on the ballot.  The Nebraska Right to Cannabis Initiative could legalize medical marijuana with a prescription of a physician. The initiative will need the signatures of 10% of the registered voters within the state by early July in order to make it onto the November ballot. We shall see the results very soon.


Kansas is the worst state in the USA for cannabis legalization. The Government has never tried to study the possibility to pass a medical marijuana initiative. On top of it this sate doesn’t have the possibility of referendums. Even though the residents are in favor of physicians having the opportunity to prescribe marijuana, it’s up to the state’s legislature to legalize medical marijuana. On top of it, most of the citizens are willing to legalize cannabis. Unfortunately it seems cannabis will remain illegal in this state for a long time.

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