Breeders who learned in Ketama (Morocco)

Breeders who learned in Ketama (Morocco)

Ketama Cheese and other strains cultivated in Sierra Nevada.

In Morocco there is a very special microclimate that produces very high quality cannabis. This happens because Ketama is an area hidden in the deep valleys surrounded by tall mountains, pure air and excellent light. The weather is hot at day and cold at night. These conditions are excellent to get the best cannabis flowers and extract their resin. The Ketama hash is the most expensive resin available in the coffeshops of Holland.

Ketama Seeds is a Spanish bank whose owner learned everything he knows in Ketama. All their varieties are more than good. And when you cultivate them in similar conditions to the area of Ketama, the results are brilliant. On top of it the breeder (he is the owner too) pays special attention to the organic properties of his strains. The quality is very important for him. But the fragrance and taste are equally important. Being, as I am, sixty years old, these properties are necessary for me. I love a good high. But I want to enjoy the experience while smoking the flowers.

Breeders who learned in Ketama (Morocco).
General view of the culture

In the province of Granada there is a high mountain named Sierra Nevada. In the skirts of the mountain there are many valleys surrounded by conifers and pure air. It is very similar to Ketama, in Morocco. I chose the strain named Ketama cheese for all these properties. The effect is strong and the organoleptic properties are delicious.

I chose a small place (about 27 square meters) and I hid it as well as I could. To do this I surrounded the space with a green fabric that avoided the sight but allowed the air circulation.

In order to be discreet I germinated the seeds in late June. The conditions of my culture were going to be difficult. I had to choose strong strains able to resist the microclimate of Sierra Nevada. I easily could expect freezing weather in early summer nights.



Extractions from different strains from Ketama Seeds
Extractions from different strains from Ketama Seeds

I amended the soil with horse manure and a lot of IMO (Intelligent Microorganisms) . I also mixed the soil with a bit of volcanic rocks and minerals to feed the microorganisms. And that was all. As I said, I germinated the seeds quite late in June. The results were brilliant. It is amazing to see the incredible results you obtain with just the best seeds and a good soil. In fact these are the bases of Korean Natural Farming. The marijuana I obtained was hundred per cent ECO and BIO. If on top of it you cultivate the best seeds nothing can go wrong. At the end of September the weather at night was very cold. However, the flowers were so full of sticky resin that the plants were strong enough to surmount the problem.

After the harvest was collected and the plants dried and cured, I did some extractions. The hash I got was simply delicious. I want to thank for the quality of its seeds. Its breeder is considered one of the very best in Spain. Look at the plants I got.

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