Cannabis events in the world

Cannabis events in the world

A list of the most remarkable events, fairs and cups in cannabis industry

The cannabis industry is growing as legalization continues to spread. Because of this, the number of fairs and/or events is increasing. Here we show some of the most relevant fairs, events and cups.

High Times Cup

It is obligatory to begin with the oldest and most prestigious cup: the High Times Cup. It has been celebrated for three decades I several states of the US and abroad. It is the world’s leading marijuana trade show that celebrates the universe of cannabis with competitions , seminars, exhibitions, celebrity conferences, concerts and so on. It takes place in states where marijuana has been legalized. The prestige these cups have is enormous and synonymous of quality. Today, the organization holds Cannabis Cups in over a dozen major cities around the U.S., Europe, Caribbean and Canada. It all started in Amsterdam in 1988. Alex Grey is creating artisanal Cannabis Cups for the winners of the most prestigious cannabis awards on Earth.


Canapa Mundi

2018 is going to be the fourth year of this fair. It takes place in Rome , 17-19 February. The fair started to take place after medical distribution began across the country.


Stepping High

Celebrated in Jamaica since 2003. In the beginning it was underground but the organizers are taking advantage of recent reform. Farmers, entrepreneurs and Rastas . Held 2017 in Negril, Jamaica, March 4-5.

Canna Tech

It takes place in Israel The entrepreneurs try to find new niche markets in pharmacies and exportation too. Held in Tel Aviv-Yafo, March 20-22.


It is one of the oldest professional conferences in the EU. No doubt it is a must-attend event for banks of seeds, entrepreneurs. Held in Barcelona, March 10-12 and again in Madrid in October. If you don’t know it you will be more than surprised. Spannabis is the ultimate fair. Above all the one that takes place in Barcelona. There is nothing related to cannabis that you cannot find there.

Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoids Conference

It is a biannual conference whose importance is growing little by little. It attracts a variety of policy, medical and other academic and industry professionals. Held in Prague, March 8-10.


O Cannabiz Conference and Expo

The event brings experts to discuss all kind of investment opportunities for a rapidly growing and increasingly international industry. This expo will feature cutting-edge technologies, practices, products and services for the industry, with a remarkable amount of expert speakers. Held at the Sheraton Centre, Toronto, April 21-23.


Mary Jane Berlin

It has been celebrated during two years and it seems is going to be large. The place occupies over 4,000 square meters of inside exhibition space and 3,000 of outdoor booth opportunities. German and international companies are expected in Berlin, June 2 – 4.

Cannabis Liberation Day

The 8th Cannabis Liberation Day will take place all day at Flevopark. This park is considered the “greenest” park in Amsterdam and easily accessible by public transportation. On top of it the event is gratis. The intention is to promote cannabis reform globally. Held in Amsterdam, June 11th.


High Times Amsterdam Cup

Friday-Sunday, July 13-15, 2018. Like all the High Times Cups, this one has an enormous importance in every sense. Don’t forget it all started here. High Times celebrated its first cup in this city 30 years ago. To learn more about it, read the beginning of this article about High Times Cup. It is the same but celebrated in Amsterdam.



It takes place in Mexico DF, 3-5 August. It is the maximum encounter in the cannabis industry in Mexico, being the first educational fair with commercial exchange. It started in Chile where was celebrated for five years. Since 2016 the event has been celebrated in Mexico DF. It has international lectures to share knowledge about the medical and industrial use of cannabis.


International Cannabis Conference

Some eminences like Dr. Raphael Mechoulam (Israel) attend the event. The conference is already looking like a “not-to-be-missed” event. Held in Vienna, September 5-7.

Expo Grow

The event is growing in importance and size year after year. Last year it attracted 150 stands in four pavilions and an outside exhibit area. No dates set yet, but it is planned for 2017. Takes place in September in the city of Irun (Spain).


Cultiva Hanfmesse

This year it will celebrate the 10th anniversary. It has continued to grow in both size and stature. It has regulatory and scientific experts and all kind of fun events and exhibits can be seen. The dates and times have yet to be announced for 2018. About 140 exhibitors attended last year. It takes place in Vienna, early in the month.



It is considered one of the biggest and more important both exhibition and conferences in Europe. Last year 250 exhibitors from 25 countries participated. The place occupies about 13.000 square meters. It takes place in Prague.


Expocannabis Uruguay

It takes place in Latu, Montevideo, 7 – 9 December. It is the most important event of the cannabis industry in this country. The fair is meant to share information about medical and industrial cannabis. It is a meeting point among the public sector, private agents, the academy, cannabis community and people. It counts with international guests and local artists.

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