Cannabis to cure acne-Cannabis para curar el acné

Cannabis to cure acne

While conventional medicine fails to cure acne, a problem that traumatizes millions of young people, the CBD has proven effective

Indeed, while modern medicine is capable of transplanting a heart or a liver, it has not managed to cure certain skin problems that affect many millions of people and that, in addition, entails a diminution of their self-esteem and even a youthful trauma .

CBD (cannabidiol)

Fortunately, since the law that Donald Trump created in 2018 to give the legal status of agricultural product to hemp at the federal level, it can now be bought easily and its price is decreasing.

This has involved the creation of various forms of CBD in the market. However, the reality is that the most effective way to use CBD to cure skin disorders has not yet been determined.

Cannabidiol is gaining many followers among those seeking treatments for skin problems. Cannabidiol has no psychoactive properties and is a cannabinoid with many anti-inflammatory, analgesic and moisturizing properties.

It is also known to be an effective cure to treat skin aging, acne, eczema, psoriasis and pruritus.

Cannabis and its cannabinoid compounds, especially CBD (cannabidiol), havs been the subject of study for health and wellbeing issues. Every day many teenagers seek solutions to their problems with acne. The latest scientific studies support the thesis that CBD can eliminate the most important and frequent problems of the skin, such as juvenile acne, eczema and rosacea.

Cannabis to cure skin diseases in the age of Christ

The Bible makes many references to the miracles of Christ when he cured lepers. However, recent studies show that until recently we had a bad translation of the biblical texts. Actually, what has been translated as leprosy referred to topical dermatitis (eczema).

Indeed, in the first Gospels found, the Gospels of the Gnostics, a branch of early Christianity, are constantly referred to a product called “Kanneh Bosm” and that it was a mixture of pure olive oil to which a certain amount was added. of dried cannabis flowers, thyme, rosemary and other herbs. The Gnostic Gospels give a very exact recipe of the measurements of each ingredient.

The mixture was introduced into a large vessel and in it the person who was to be anointed to enter the title of Christ was introduced; an honorary title reserved for the social elite of that time.

The future Christ remained within the vessel for some time. As cannabis can be assimilated by the skin, the anointed came out in a state of mind that was considered an approximation to Jehovah. After the ritual, the new Christs came to clean themselves in the Jordan River.

Jesus the Nazarene knew the healing properties of cannabis. And, of course, I knew it was an excellent drug to cure skin diseases. Jesus applied this product to many patients with eczema to cure them. Actually they were not miracles; It was natural medicine.

Unfortunately, when in the 4th century Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire under Emperor Theodosius, many branches of Christianity were left out; among them the branch of the Gnostics. And of course, their gospels were left out of the new Bible.

To this day, we do not believe that behind some cures there are miracles. We know that a correct medicinal practice can cure many diseases.

Cannabis to treat acne

In 2018 the medical journal Skin Therapy Letter published the conclusions and evidence of CBD oil as an anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive agent, which makes it a medicine for acne.

CBD considerably reduces the redness of the skin due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It also reduces the generation of sebum on the skin. In short, CBD is very effective in treating acne since this disorder is a reddening of the skin produced by an exaggerated production of sebum. The result is the disgusting grain that so many teenagers know.

It has already been shown that very little CBD oil is needed to drastically reduce the redness of the skin and the production of sebum on the skin. In fact, there are already many companies that are beginning to create creams based on CBD for the specific treatment of acne. Many millions of teenagers will appreciate it!

Cannabis to treat eczema

Recent studies have concluded that an endocannabinoid called palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) has the ability to drastically reduce both the sensation of itching and the redness of the skin.

In the United States, an investigation was conducted with 25 children and 18 adults suffering from eczema. They were rubbed with a palmitoylethanolamide-based cream (PEA) and a topical corticosteroid. The reduction of the itching sensation, the dryness and redness of the skin was much faster and lasted longer than with any conventional treatment.

More research is needed

Unfortunately, the illegal status of cannabis until recently has resulted in a great lack of clinical research. It is true that a lot of research has been done in recent years. But the reality is that much of the medicinal potential of cannabis is still unknown.

We already know that cannabis, and especially CBD oil, have anti-inflammatory properties and other very beneficial qualities that can be used to treat some skin diseases. But, as we say, we still need to investigate much more.

It is curious that our ancestors knew so many therapeutic properties of the cannabis plant. And it is more curious that we have maintained cannabis under a status of illegality that for so many years has impeded the investigation.

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