Cannabis in Libya-Cannabis en Libia

Cannabis in Libya

Although Libyans have never had much access to cannabis, since the Arab Spring it is almost impossible to find it. Also, cannabis in Libya is very expensive

The consumption, cultivation and sale of cannabis are completely prohibited in Libya and since the “Arab Spring” it is almost impossible to find it.

Very few people used cannabis in Libya before the war. It is estimated that only 0.05% of the population did so. But this happened before the civil war that took place during the so-called “Arab Spring” of the year 2011, which succeeded in overthrowing the dictator Muammar Gaddafi, but who did not achieve a stable government. Since then, the civil war continues.

There is almost no cannabis in Libya. There is not even food and, moreover, it is such a dangerous country at this time that it would be absurd to look for marijuana to smoke in a country where there is neither food nor medicines.

Before the civil war and also a little later you could find some cannabis and other drugs in Lybia. But the rebel groups, which are Islamic fundamentalists, declared war very effectively.

In 2013, one joint cost $ 7.80. The traffickers wanted to sell at “affordable” prices to get more consumers. But to think that $ 7.80 for a simple joint is an affordable price is not logical. And it is even more expensive in a country as poor as Libya.

At that time the spokesman of the special unit against drug trafficking of the police was Abdulhakim Belhasi, and it was believed that it was a kind of Arab “Rambo”.

Interestingly, the number of combatants affected by post-traumatic stress was very high. These patients may have been treated with medical marijuana. But Islamic fanaticism does not allow it.

Over time, very dangerous home-made drugs have sprung up that have produced many deaths. There are many who have dedicated themselves to drinking very low quality alcohol, which is also illegal. In fact, there have been many deaths from alcohol adulterated with methanol.

Being such a conflictive country, drug traffickers are using logistics to export drugs to other countries. Especially heroin, cocaine, some cannabis, analgesic tramadol, and adulterated alcohol. But in the country it is almost impossible to find cannabis and if you do, you can end up in jail for your whole life. Libya is not a country for cannabis users; at least in these moments.

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