Illegal cannabis cultivations endanger California’s redwoods

Illegal cannabis cultivations endanger California’s redwoods

Eco-activists are worried about it

Eco-activists from California are quite worried because they think that illegal marijuana cultures can destroy the wonderful redwoods as a natural resource. Their concern is quite logical because illegal cultures that do not follow the strict eco-laws of California can severely contaminate the water and the ground itself.

The cannabis industry in California is “green”, or not? It all depends on the circumstances because if it is going to be an ecological threat to the region’s redwood forests it will be a disaster.

Lindgren Lumber and Humboldt Flakeboard are the latest additions to the Medical Marijuana Innovation Zone. This area is in Arcata (CA) and it has been created specifically for marijuana cultivation and processing. As companies such as Humboldt Harvest Wellness and Talking Tree Farms are asking for the necessary permits to process cannabis, it is becoming more than evident that the cannabis industry can restore the economy of redwood country.

But it is also true that this new industry could also affect negatively the environmental activism that has been fighting for decades to preserve the redwoods as a natural resource.

Few years ago, the ecologists thought they had won this battle. And it was true. They successfully dislodged corporate logging, but the old wood mills are being used to produce marijuana. Some marijuana cultures are subjecting North Coast forests to an environmental problem such as soil erosion, misuse of pesticides, stream diversion and much more.

As marijuana companies repurpose Arcata’s remaining wood mills, a new ecological peril haunts Humboldt County. Marijuana companies are trying to defend their situation to protect themselves against this problem. Only a severe control of the way cannabis is cultivated and processed is necessary to protect the redwoods.

Cannabis industry has brought an important improvement of the economy. But it is important to regulate the industry and the illegal cultures are a real danger for ecology and for cannabis legalization.

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