top Oscar 2.019 nominees are given cannabis gifts

Top Oscar 2019 nominees are given cannabis gifts

Marijuana has been openly consumed during the shot of the films

Like every year, the top Oscar nominees have been given swag bags with luxury gifts, worth up to 100.000 dollar. The most common gifts used to be luxury holydays and even sweat –absorbing patches.

Yesterday, those nominees received a very special present, which surely, was most welcome among them. The bags included, among some other items, certain cannabis-infused products.

One of the tastier presents was chocolate infused with 10 mg of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).Even though I am sure cannabisground readers know what THC is, I am going to say, just in case, that THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis plants.

Some of the nominees who have received this particular present are Glenn Close, Regina King or Melissa McCarthy.

The sweet and lovely gifts have been produced by a famous company that makes edibles, such as truffle and chocolate bars which contain up to 10 mg of THC per item. This company also produces bath bombs which release THC and seem to be very effective to alleviate stress and become relaxed.

Being aware of that some nominees may not be use to eat cannabis, the company warns on its web: “start low, go slow”. And they also recommend starting with doses no higher than 1.5 or 5 grams of THC, for people who are not used to consume THC. We all know cannabis, when eaten, can produce a much higher effect than when it is smoked.

The bags include facial moisturizer for those who prefer not to eat THC. This product contains cannabis extracts but not THC.

The bags are given to the 25 actors and directors who are nominees in their categories. Te bags are paid by contributors and sponsors, which, in return, receive some rights to advertise their products. The sponsors must pay 4.000 dollar to be included in the bags.

“Everyone wins” is the name of the bags, which contain different exotic presents. From diamonds to diverse products that contained THC and many more. Cannabis is legal in California.

Besides the different edible and chocolate THC infused, the bags contained an annual subscription to a very exclusive club in L.A. where cannabis is respected and allowed. Skin care products infused with cannabis and revitalizing beauty products based on cannabis and much more have been included in the swag bags.

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