Death penalty for cannabis

Countries with death penalty for cannabis

Countries where you can face death penalty for cannabis possession

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For example, in South Korea, cannabis is treated the same as any other illegal substance. You can be imprisoned for simply having small traces of marijuana in your system. No matter if these traces are from before you came to the country. Is it bad? Then you better know how it can be in other countries.

It is not surprising that drug laws are strict in China. But. However, at least you will not receive a death penalty if you get caught with a small quantity of cannabis in China. But getting caught selling a large amount is punished with death penalty.


Cannabis continues being illegal since the original ban of 1877. It was one of the first countries to declare cannabis illegal and it remains having has some of the worst cannabis laws.

Don’t believe being a foreigner is a way to escape the death penalty. A judge sentenced a Briton to death penalty for smuggling three tons of hashish in 2013


Singapore was one of the first countries to prohibit cannabis since the early 1800s. SDo far nothing g has changed since then. If you are a tourist, remember you can spend a remarkable time “behind bars” for just possession. And many dealers are given death penalty for selling cannabis.

.A soccer player who came from Nigeria to Singapore got caught with a bit more than 90 ounces of cannabis. Even though he was an important person, he had to learn this terrible lesson. Once you get caught, the prosecutor doesn’t have to prove you are guilty. To prove you are innocent is a task for your lawyer.

Remember possession of 15 grams is trafficking for Singapore laws. A foreigner was hanged to death for possessing marijuana while visiting the country.


According to the DANGEROUS DRUGS ACT 1952, death penalty is the highest punishment you can receive provided you are caught with enough quantity of any of the drugs contained in the act.

According to this act, just 200 grams of weed or cannabis resin means mandatory death by hanging. Sometimes, simple possession alone could be punished with five years in prison plus a fine.In 2016, a man in Malaysia was hanged to death.The order was given by the High Court in Kuala Lumpur.


In many Southeast Asian countries you can expect the worst drug laws on the planet. Burma is one of them. A vegetable seller named Nur Alam Mohd Hussain faced a trial for possession of five pounds of weed. He received death penalty .This man said he was making a delivery for another person when the Police arrested him at a gas station. He claimed he believed the envelopes he was given contained stolen parts of cars. But he Court said he should have been able to smell 5 pounds of weeds. He finally was killed.


The Philippines is by far the last place where you would like to be caught with weed. If the Police simply susoect you are involved with the use or distribution of this substance, you will probably be killed without a previous trial. President Rodrigo Duterte publicly endorsed the killing of suspected drug users and sellers. He is doing a real genocide with his people. About 12.000 people got killed since the President started his personal war on drugs.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has some of the worst drug laws. You can be publicly killed for cannabis possession. Especially if you are caught by the Mutawa, the “moral police”.

Two young Yemeni citizens were killed for smuggling hashish into the country. Authorities consider hashish a hard drug.

They were beheaded for their crime and the country has a history of executing people over drug offenses. We don’t recommend you to go there if you want to enjoy cannabis. wouldn’t recommend riding dirty in Saudi Arabia.

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