Las Vegas does not allow public lounges for cannabis consumption

Las Vegas does not allow public lounges for cannabis consumption

Some representatives think that providing the visitors a safe place would get tax revenue and would create new jobs

The battle to allow the creation of public lounges where people can smoke cannabis in Las Vegas is not over yet; but it has been postponed. The city of Las Vegas rejected the possibility that retail stores and authorized dispensaries may request the opening of lounges where to smoke cannabis to offer its clients the possibility of consuming marijuana in a public place.

It’s legal buying weed from legal dispensaries or stores in this city. But the around 40 million tourists who visit the city every year aren’t allowed to smoke or consume the substance in most hotels, casinos, bars, restaurants and public places.

For this reason, representatives of the cannabis industry are pushing the authorities to allow cannabis lounges. These representatives spoke in favor of this measure, saying it would produce more taxes and attract more tourists.

Some representatives think that providing the visitors a safe place, could get tax revenue and could create new jobs too.

According to the law, licensed cannabis businesses in Nevada could apply for a permit to open a consumption lounge, which would sell marijuana that could be consumed there. But these businesses need to create an air control plan to keep the fumes confined to the place.

Smoking cannabis is not allowed outdoors. The city can charge up to a $5,000 annual licensing fee for these consumption lounges.

Most city councilors say no to the measure because they need some time to modify the proposed ordinance and listen to the concerns of the ones who don’t approve the lounges.

Nevada is in the middle of the process of creating a Cannabis Compliance Board. Its members will set laws on Nevada’s growing marijuana industry. This includes the circumstances under which cannabis lounges can be allowed.

Some lawmakers are worried because they think cannabis lounges could implement the issue of public intoxication in tourist places. Patrick Hughes, president and CEO of the Fremont Street Experience said he was worried about inebriation on the streets, which is already a big problem.

Others expressed disagreement with the ordinance that allows only licensed dispensaries to open cannabis lounges because this could exclude residents who want to enter the cannabis industry. In addition, they think that the $5,000 licensing fee could be excessive for first-time owners.

There are many politicians who think that allowing the cannabis lounges in the state could affect negatively the gaming industry. However, they also think that it is possible taking a regional approach to these consumption lounges; but not in Las Vegas.

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