Vermont State colleges offer cannabis classes

A dream come true for many students

Give classes to obtain degrees in cannabis begins to be part of the student offer of the University of Vermont.

The offer of classes on cannabis is the consequence of the legalization of the sale of marijuana by retailers.

It is believed that this change will contribute to the creation of many jobs and even new university careers. It is undoubtedly an ambitious idea that will help improve the economy of many people.

Castleton University and Vermont Technical College join the University of Vermont to offer cannabis-related certifications. UVM was the first university that offered a medical certification and now is offering cannabis classes to pharmacology majors. However, Vermont has become the first state institution that incorporates cannabis learning for the student curriculum.

This fact is a reflection of the attitude of U.S toward legalization that was unthinkable some years ago.

Colorado State University is offering cannabis studies and Harvard has a course too. In addition, the University of Denver has created a course for cannabis journalism.

Students are asking for a seat for the next fall since the news was announced. The demand is enormous.

The classes are meant for full-time and partial-time students and for professionals too. To get the certificate, the students need to participate in a internship that hopefully will develop professionals able to get jobs at both businesses and retail production.

Provided the courses become as popular as the current demand indicates, there will be many students will major in cannabis studies in the future.

Degrees and certifications from Vermont institutions

The University of Castleton is offering a Cannabis Studies Certificate Program that includes history and culture, the business of cannabis and cannabis cultivation.

The certification consists of four different parts with their corresponding credits: three courses of three credits each plus a three-credit internship in any local institution where they will learn cannabis business, culture and cannabis growing and production.

The costs: Each three-credit course costs $1,287 for in-state students. Those who are full-time students can attend the courses without any additional expenses per semester, as far as they continue the same status.

Number of credits: 12

No requisites

Possibilities to get a job: These courses can be studied in conjunction with everything ranging from criminal justice, marketing and computers. The certification is also meant for professional development.

Vermont Technical College 

Vermont Technical College focuses on horticulture with the CBD and Greenhouse Cash Crop Certificate Program. It will begin next fall 2019.

The classes are very intensive and the students learn production, cannabis-related laws, methods of cultivation and hydroponic systems. VTC Project Manager Molly Willard said the students will meet the most important people in the cannabis industry and will get invaluable teachings.

The program is divided in three parts that take place during nine days. They include visits to local dispensaries, a CBD production site and the Green Mountain Hydroponics Greenhouse.

It costs $1,350. 

The assistants do not obtain credits; only the certificate.

Job potential: Dispensaries and production staff. 

Vermont University

Vermont University is offering a Cannabis Science and Medicine Professional Certification.

It lasts seven weeks and the course is online.

No credits; only a certification.

It costs $2,250.

Conditions: The must be 18 or older, they need a bachelor’s degree and they must have finished a college-level basic Biology and Chemistry. 

Job potential: The certification is useful to inform professionals, which includes physicians, dispensary workers, nurses, pharmacists, physician assistants and regulators.

Other options

Vermont is full of possibilities even if you don’t have money to pay them. It is plenty of free local classes in this area. For instance, Green State Gardener on Pine Street in Burlington offers free cultivation workshops.

Heady Vermont is going to sponsor the 2nd annual Vermont Cannabis and Hemp Convention in May. The student who wish to discover everything about careers before committing to certification or a class, have lots of opportunities to meet with professionals of the cannabis industry and get well informed.

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