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Artists who fought for the legalization of cannabis in the US

Some of the most famous artists who openly fought for the legalization of cannabis in the US

Legalization of cannabis. The most famous artists have a remarkable capacity to influence on any controversial issue. Their ability have been definitive to influence in the people mentality about cannabis. They are well known and respected by the audience. Therefore the cannabis users thank them the possibility of freely enjoying their favorite plant without being arrested and fined.

In this article we are going to remember some of the behaviors and phrases that became famous and allowed the cannabis activists to fight for their rights when cannabis was a controversial issue with many potential problems involved. These sentences were made while being interviewed or in the middle of a concert.

The great guitarist Jimi Hendrix was a “rebel with cause” and an activist involved in many causes related to civil rights, being racism and freedom to smoke weed some of them. It is not a coincidence that one of the best strains available is named Jimi Hendrix.

During an interview in Paris he said his famous phrase “”Please pass me the peace weed and take some heed. Throw all that mixed up speed.”

Bob Dylan stated in a interview for Playboy Magazine that “hash and pot–now, those things aren’t drugs. They just bend your mind a little. I think everybody’s mind should be bent once in a while.” He also made it clear that “much of his music was inspired by the muse that is cannabis .Bob enjoyed smoking weed in the back stage with his girlfriend and activist too, Joan Baez.

And last but not least, he simply put on his acclaimed album Blonde on Blonde: “Everybody must get stoned”. It was a declaration of intentions.

What can we say about Bob Marley and cannabis? He was probably the most personally involved artist with pot. Being a rasta, smoking ganja was not a question of pleasure.

It was a question of religion. Rastas smoke ganja exclusively because it is a holy sacrament in his religion. When rastas use marijuana is to aid in meditation and eventually help the user to achieve greater mystical insight into the universe.

We all remember Marley smoking enormous joints during his performances. He smoked to improve his artistic potential and convert the concerts in a religious ritual.

It is obligated to remember these sentences from the great Jamaican genius.“When you smoke herb, herb reveal yourself to you. All the wickedness you do, the herb reveal itself to yourself, your conscience, show up yourself clear because herb make you meditate”

Brad Pitt is a great activist for cannabis legalization. When the Katrina hurricane destroyed the city of New Orleans, he helped so much that the City Hall offered him to be the Mayor. He accepted on three conditions: to avoid the religious status of the city, legalize gay marriage and legalize cannabis. His conditions weren’t accepted. Therefore, Brad Pitt declined the offer.

Willie Nelson is considered one of the best country singers in the US and a compromised activist of cannabis. “I think people need to be educated to the fact that marijuana is not a drug. Marijuana is an herb and a flower. God put it here.”

Aside from this spiritual point of view, the great Nelson is so respected among the pot community and activists that when he started to create his cannabis business, very soon the project became a number one in the market. The last year (2017) Willie Nelson brand of weed raised $US12 million ($15 million) to expand beyond its current market of Colorado, Washington, Nevada and Oregon. That brings its total funding to $US29.5 million.

Whoopi Goldberg, Matthew McConaughhey, Woody Harrelson, Cheeg and Chong and quite a few more artists have played an important role to normalize cannabis for most of the US citizens.

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