CO2 to grow cannabis

C02 to grow cannabis

Get bigger plants and collect them earlier

How to use CO2 properly when we grow cannabis is not a simple question. CO2 is what our plants breathe at day time. It is essential to multiply the number of cells in a faster way. Using Co2 properly during the flowering period, we will obtain bigger flowers, which turns in a better production. But I insist: provided we use CO2 correctly. If we make mistakes, the result can be a real disaster. We will get weak and light flowers and, eventually, the death of our plants.

If we use it without certain considerations, we will obtain plants with yellow leaves, with few flowers or, in the best of the situations, a culture without any improvement. You got to know what you are doing.

There are different systems to provide Co2 to our plants. We should difference between those that can be considered amateurs and those that are professional. To be considered professional, the machine must include a ppm (parts per million) measurement system. For what? Precisely to measure the quantity there is in the environment; in our culture room. Only measuring these parts per million we will be able to control all the parameters.

We can use any system to provide Co2 connected to a Co2 driver, which cuts the provision when the concentration reaches its recommended peak and it opens again when it goes too down. If we only have a measurement system, we can control the level using a single measurement system instead of a controller. In this case, we will make the valve open and close using a timer. In any case, what is absolutely necessary is always know the ppm we have.

To spread the Co2 we use a silicon tube. We should leave an exit per plant, which should be placed on the base of the plant. This is a very good option. But we have different possibilities.

Finally, what really matters is to have the cultivation room with Co2 enough. Therefore, if you distribute the Co2 using a tube, for example, that goes from the machine until the center of the room, it is a good idea too. But remember the Co2 must be evenly distributed all over the room and in the correct quantity.

Provided we have installed our system, it is time to know how to use it properly. First of all, it must be used during the flowering period. We must begin the day 21 of this phase. It is when the flowers begin to form.

It is important to program our system to make it working during 15 minutes per hour. But pay attention to the extraction system you have in your room. Obviously, the Co2 system should be working only when the extractor is off. If you make it work with the extractor working, the Co2 will be extracted from your cultivation room. Therefore, you can use a timer for the Co2 system and other for the extractor.

And, of course, the Co2 device should be working when the lights are on. And when the lights are off, the extractor must be working all the time.

Co2 is responsible for creating a cell wall very rapidly. But they lack a solid core. Therefore, if we don’t fill the core with fertilizer, we will get weak plants without important value and almost no production.

Moreover, the plants need more heat than usual. The room temperature should range between 28 and 32 degrees, to evaporate more rapidly the water through the leaves when they transpire, and allowing the nutrients to stay. Don’t forget that we only want the plants eat the nutrients and throw away the water. Precisely for this reason we are going to need a dehumidifier, in order to reduce the environmental humidity to normal levels. If the leaves throw away so much water, the level of humidity will go up. This is the reason why we need a dehumidifier.

The EC levels we are going to show are thought for hydroponic system. If you are using coco fiber or any other substratum you must measure the EC in the water that leave under the pots after watering the plants.


Remember the Co2 must be used during the flowering period and begin the 21Th day of this phase.

Day 21. We will begin with 800 ppm. And remember this quantity of Co2 must be the same during the time the extractor is off and only 15 minutes per hour. When we water, we must increase the EC levels in one point every time we increase the Co2. But for the first week, the EC will be 1.7.

Day 24 of flowering period. We must increase the dose of Co2 until 850 ppm and the EC until 1.8.

Day 27. Increase the Co2 until 900 ppm and the EC until 1.9.

Day 29. From this day we will increase the Co2 and EC every two days. Today 950 ppm and EC 2.0.

Day 31. 1000 ppm and EC 2.1.

Day 33. 1050 ppm and EC 2.2

Day 35. 1100 ppm and EC 2.3.

Day 37. 1150 ppm and EC 2.4.

Day 39. 1200 ppm and EC 2.5. From this day on we will increase Co2 and EC every day.

Day 40. 1250 ppm and EC 2.6.

Day 41. 1300 ppm and EC 2.6.

Day 42. 1350 ppm and EC 2.8.

Day 43. 1400 ppm and EC 2.9 EC.

Day 44. 1450 ppm and 3.0 EC. (This will be the highest peak)

Day 45. 1500 ppm and 3.0 EC.

Day 46. 1550 ppm and 3.0 EC.

Day 47. 1600 ppm and 3.0 EC.

Day 48. 1650 ppm and 3.0 EC.

Day 49. 1700 ppm and 3.0 EC.

Day 50. 1750 ppm and 3.0 EC.

Day 51. 1800 ppm and 3.0 EC. Both ppm and EC have reached their highest peak. You must keep this way during the rest of the culture until 10 days before the harvest. Ten days before the harvest we must start washing the roots.

If you see your plants are weakening and getting a yellow color, stop immediately the CO2 and check what is going on. It could be a question of several factors. Maybe you are releasing too much Co2. Maybe we aren’t watering enough. Maybe it is too hot. Who knows? But you must find it out or stop the Co2.

Besides obtaining a bigger production, the use of Co2 will allow you to collect your plants few days before.

Remember these tips are meant to guide you. But you must adjust your Co2 according to the results you see. It is much better less Co2 with healthy plants than more Co2 and weak plants.

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