prague Legal status of cannabis in Czech Republic

Legal status of cannabis in Czech Republic

Legal status of cannabis. A miraculous situation compared with the “hey days” of the USSR.

Since the Czech Republic was created in 1993, it developed more laws about cannabis. This fact contrasts with the position of its former “boss”, Russia. In the very beginning of its foundation as an independent Republic, the use and possession of cannabis was legal under certain circunstances. But cultivating weed remained illegal until 1999. From this date on, in according with the UN Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs,, the law changed and became more liberal. It criminalizez possession of what was described as “big amounts of cannabis”. This vague description left the legality of cannabis possession in a kind of “limbo”.

Fortunately the law changed again in 2010. According to this new amended it became legal the possession of 15 grams of dried flowers or the possibility or five plants of marijuana.. However, the right to self cultivation remained in the same “limbo”. In other words, the right to self cultivation was a guaranteed. It was a great goal for those who wish to grow cannabis without risking your freedom.

Legal status of cannabisIn 2013, the Czech Republic decided to legalize medical marijuana for patients with certain disorders. The new law specifies that patients with a medical marijuana prescription can get marijuana from pharmacies. Unfortunately, the law didn’t establish cultivation rights and this meant a remarkable lack of suppliers and the need of importing cannabis from other countries.

The new born Republic has been importing medical cannabis from the Netherlands. And there is just one producer in the whole Czech Republic. Being imported, the product is becomes too expensive and many patients cannot afford buying it.. Not having national suppliers means that many pharmacies don’t even have any cannabis available for patients who can afford it.

Because of the historically permissive laws about drugs, there is a rich and important cannabis culture in the country. In some cities like Prague, it’s quite easy to find people at bars and clubs that can sell you small amounts of weed. It is not weird to find around the city shops that sell marijuana related items. But what it is not recommended is buying weed from street dealers. You will be cheated. As far as you are discreet buying your cannabis and provided you consume it in a private place, you will not be arrested. Anyhow, be discreet and don’t get yourself in troubles.

Selling marijuana for recreational purposes in Czech Republic continues being illegal. But, as we said previously, possession of small amounts is legal. And even though selling the sale in illegal, as far as you sell small quantities, you will be tolerated, especially in cities like Prague. If you are a tourist and don’t know where to get some weed, go to certain bars and shops that have dealers who will sell you a little bit with discretion.

Before finishing this article we are going to remember the most important facts about cannabis in this country

1 – Even though marijuana is not legal, laws allow people to have up to 15 grams of marijuana or up to five marijuana plants. Medical marijuana was legalized in 2013 and it is available (but sometimes they don’t have and it is expensive) to buy it in pharmacies.

2 – The sale of marijuana for recreational use in Czech Republic remains illegal. But possession of small amounts is allowed and tolerated.

3 – It is not illegal for recreational marijuana users to have up to 15 grams of marijuana or up to five marijuana plants. But remember that selling it is illegal.

Medical marijuana patients are allowed to have up to 30 grams of dry marijuana per month. But, unfortunately, medical marijuana users are not allowed to cultivate their own marijuana plants and they must buy it marijuana from pharmacies.

4 – Medical marijuana prescriptions must be obtained via a special electronic prescription. Patients must be firstly diagnosed with a concrete disorder like AIDS and multiple sclerosis. Once you have been diagnosed by a professional he can prescribe you.

5 – Cannabis can be used only in private places. Those who consume cannabis in public places are acting against the law.

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