The President of the Philippines consumes cannabis to stay awake (3)

The President of the Philippines consumes cannabis to stay awake

The president’s police have killed more than 12,000 users and vendors in their anti-drug campaign while he has openly admitted to consuming marijuana

The President of the Philippines  consumes cannabis to stay awake

Who could imagine that the President of the Philippines was a marijuana user? Yes, you read well. President Rodrigo Duterte, who has always chasing and punishing cannabis users, has openly declared that he uses cannabis to stay awake, especially when he is in other countries. And now the question is if his anti-drug agents will dare to raid the president palace to arrest him. I don’t think so.

What a great example of hypocrisy! During a speech to government officials, he was complaining about his schedule in the ASEAN Summit in Singapore, where he used to enjoy great naps.

He said that using cannabis was a killing activity but at his age he was not affected because he used the herb occasionally to stay awake. However, a little bit later he said to the reporters that he was joking. But the truth is that he did not seem to be joking at all we he said that.

However, the supposed joke was not funny, especially because Duterte has become a murderer of those people who consume or sell drugs and that, moreover, his words when he claimed to use marijuana sounded very true. Since he began his “war on drugs” in June 2016, the police killed more than 12.000 people, mostly unemployed young men. Duterte claimed it was a legitimate anti-drug war. Many of the victims were “shabu” users, but many were killed for using or selling marijuana. In any case, the murder of 12,000 people for consuming or selling drugs can be considered genocide.

Being illegal in Philippines, Duterte’s admission of using cannabis turns out to be a real joke in a country in which crimes of against humanity to the detriment of simple citizens who wants to smoke a joint of marijuana. It is an insult for the victims and their relatives.

In case Duterte wasn’t joking, he maybe should support the legalization of cannabis use in order to alleviate some medical problems. According to Human Rights Watch, the personal use of drugs is a matter of individual rights protected by international law. Therefore, Duterte should decriminalize the cannabis.

Maybe, what the president said could help him to realize his tremendous hypocrisy and tell his police to quit arresting and killing those citizens who, like himself, obtain benefits from marijuana. If he does not, the anti-drug agents should break in Malacañang Palace to arrest him.

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