Cannabis for lobsters

Cannabis for lobsters

A way to avoid suffering while being boiled

Some restaurants in Maine (USA) are starting to get their lobster high before being boiled. Even though there are very few studies on the nervous system of these animals, it can be a good idea to avoid the suffering caused by boiling water, with CBD. Not only that; some owners of restaurants consider that the fact of making the lobsters happier with cannabis is a good idea.

For many years, seafood lovers have been fighting with a moral dilemma: how to enjoy this delicious food without the need of producing such a suffering.

Charlotte Gill owns a seafood restaurant in Maine. She is blowing marijuana smoke on the animals and in the water tank where the animals live until the day they are boiled. She is convinced it can help to ease the pain crustaceans experience while being boiled alive.

Charlotte explained a very interesting experiment she did years ago. She gave cannabis smoke to a very aggressive lobster whose name was Roscoe. Charlotte says Roscoe became much less aggressive.

David Foster Wallace wrote in his essay named “Consider the Lobster”: “Is it all right to boil a sentient creature alive just for our gustatory pleasure?” In Switzerland, for example, boiling lobsters alive is prohibited.

Charlotte Gill, has a medical marijuana caregiver license in Maine. She wants to cook all of her lobsters with a bit of cannabis smoke. But she also accepts that some customers could prefer the old-fashioned way.

“A happier animal makes for a better tasting dish. The difference it makes within the meat itself is unbelievable. Everything you put into your body is energy.” She explained.

Imagine your are going to be executed. Just before that moment, the executioner offers you a joint. “If somebody offered me that option and said, ‘Hey, do you want to do this first?’ ” said Charlotte Gill, I would say a resounding ‘yes.’”

Lately, Gill’s methods have generated a remarkable publicity as well as skepticism: Can lobsters get high? Do they feel pain? And in case a lobster gets high, could someone who eats it absorb the weed and get high too? Charlotte thinks Roscoe has been much happier anyway than other lobsters without this opportunity.

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