Theresa May’s hypocrisy with cannabis and weapons

The corruption of the English government on cannabis and the sale of arms in Britain is a real shame that Theresa May tries to hide

How can be possible that Theresa May continues to insist that cannabis does not have medicinal properties while her husband’s company gets millions of sterling pounds selling cannabis for medicinal use?

How is it possible to have a drug minister who benefits from drug policy?. After his innumerable demonstrations against the legalization of recreational cannabis, the Prime Minister of Great Britain, Mrs. Theresa May’s husband is an accomplished cannabis seller in his country.

The company of Philip May, husband of Theresa, is the largest shareholder of BAE Systems, a company that sells bombs that are used against the civilian population of Yemen. Thousands of children die as a result of these bombs.

Capital Group, the arms company of which is director Philip May, has a huge number of shares in the company BAE Systems, which manufactured the bomb that killed 40 children, and many adults, in the attack perpetrated by Saudi Arabia on a bus school.

We are going to delve into the issue of drugs first before returning to the subject of the weapons that so much hypocrisy produces within the British government.

Position of Theresa May’s policy on cannabis

The Commissioner of Police and Delinquency, Arfon Jones, is softening his position more towards everything related to cannabis. But the Prime Minister, Mrs. May, continues to maintain her war against cannabis.

The organization North Wales Live interviewed a government spokesman, who expressed his absolute disagreement with any softer stance towards the legalization of marijuana. The spokesman expressed his concern for the young people of the country and the most vulnerable people, because it would be very easy for them to dedicate themselves to the abuse of all types of drugs.

However, it is known that Theresa May’s husband works for the Capital Group company, which owns a 22% stake in the UK medicinal cannabis pharmaceutical company, GW Pharmaceuticals. This company exports one metric ton of cannabis flowers every year. Undoubtedly, thanks to this company, the United Kingdom is the largest marijuana exporter in the world.

The murder of Yemeni children

Although there is too much evidence that the company BAE Systems does not do anything for the government of Saudi Arabia to continue throwing bombs manufactured by the United Kingdom, anywhere in the world and against civilian populations, the truth is the bombs continue to fall, burning and mutilating to the children of Yemen.

At the beginning of May 2019, Channel 4 informed citizens that British military links are not part of the Saudi military meetings where decisions are made to use bombs against the civilian population; especially against children. According to the British Army, the military operating in the Saudi Arabian Air Operations Center in Riyadh, whose aim is to ensure that the Saudis comply with humanitarian law and international conventions on war, is far from the operations center where these matters are decided.

The Ministry of Defense of Theresa May told Channel 4 that for many years, Great Britain had been very proud to have one of the most stringent regimes when granting licenses for arms exports. According to the army, every request for the export of arms to Saudi Arabia is meticulously analyzed and that export is never allowed, if there is perceived to be a lower risk that the weapons may be used to the detriment of international humanitarian law and war conventions.

The guest of number 10 Downing Street is murdering children and, in addition, telling lies to the press. But in addition, her husband sells cannabis abroad. She thinks that in this way it does not harm British children. It is very hypocritical to think that cannabis is harmful and sell it. But never selling to the British; always to foreigners, and earning a lot of money with this activity.

The difficulty of British doctors to prescribe medicinal cannabis

Although the therapeutic properties of marijuana have been widely demonstrated around the world, the truth is that it is not for thousands of children and adults in the United Kingdom who suffer from diseases that could be treated with cannabis.

We recently told you a story that reflects the British hypocrisy about it.

Do you remember our article “Seized medical cannabis for a girl” It is the true story of Charlotte Caldwell, a mother who had to travel to the Netherlands to buy the medical marijuana that her daughter urgently needed. She was arrested at the airport and her cannabis was seized. Specifically, he had cannabis oil (CBD) and some medical marijuana.

Why is the British government so difficult to allow the prescription of medicinal cannabis?

In fact, the only people who are strongly opposed to medical marijuana are Theresa May and the UK Ministry of the Interior’s drug minister, Victoria Atkins.

Theresa May was always against the use of medicinal cannabis in the United Kingdom; from the beginning of his career. Each time a new report appeared on the benefits of medicinal cannabis use, she interpreted it to her liking. . In 2014, Theresa May and her assistants tried to modify a report on drug policy, for the other that was more to their liking.

In fact, they tried to alter the study in a biased way before publication because they did not agree with their conclusions. Finally, and after an intense debate, Theresa May assured that she would not modify her policy on drugs, including cannabis.

The economic interests of the May family in cannabis

Capital Group is an investment fund of 11.4 billion dollars. The subsidiary of this investment fund is the largest shareholder of the British manufacturer of medicinal cannabis GW Pharmaceuticals.

The question is how they got the licenses and what products they market in medicinal GW Pharmaceuticals. The company markets two products: Sativex and Epidiolex. But cannabis is included in Schedule I, that is, it “has no therapeutic benefit and a high potential for abuse.

If this is the case, cannabis could not be marketed as medicine. However, GW Pharmaceuticals managed to move some threads and change the rules for their own convenience.

The husband of the Drug Minister heads the largest cannabis farm in the United Kingdom. May’s husband is the largest shareholder of GW Pharmaceuticals. Theresa May appointed a new drug minister who agreed on her hard line against drugs: Victoria Atkins.

Victoria Atkins’ husband is the managing director of the largest legal cannabis farm in the United Kingdom and, in addition, is the main supplier of GW Pharmaceuticals. If cannabis were legalized in the United Kingdom, GW Pharmaceuticals would lose its monopoly and the price of its shares would plummet.

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