Gymnastics for your cannabis plants

Gymnastics for your cannabis plants

The importance of foliar fertilization in your cannabis plants.

Many growers don’t use foliar fertilizing with their cannabis plants. They think that regular watering is enough. And this is true. But foliar fertilizing has enormous advantages. It is a perfect complement to the regular fertilization and on top of it is a way to oblige your plants to to do gymnastics.

Cannabis is probably the most genetically specialized plant in the world. When is going across the growing period it uses all its energy to this purpose and almost nothing for anything else. It happens the same when is going through the flowering period and so on. In this article we are going to talk about the growing phase. Your plants will use all their energy to produce cellulose. Cellulose is the muscle system of cannabis.

When you cultivate outdoor, the weather is quite good and it almost never rains. Due to this circumstance, the plant develops X amount of cellulose. It will produce the cellulose necessary to keep the main stalk and the branches strong and steady. But when the harvest is near, normally it starts to rain. It doesn’t occur every day, but it can happen quite often. When the buds are big the weight of the plant increases a lot. Any expert grower knows that is very common to attach the branches in order to avoid a crack in the nodes and eventually the breaking off.

When on top of the buds it rains, the weight is multiplied. And then is when many branches get broken. It is a real shame! Of course you can always tie the branches with ropes or whatever necessary. But you can use the foliar watering to fertilize and/or to simply refresh the plant.

In summer the heat can be unbearable. You see how the leaves get languid and sad. However, after the cool of the night the leaves return to their regular look. Therefore, the cause ot the languor is the heat.

Just try something. Do water foliarly your plants when sun sets. Don’t do it in the middle of the day because the water drops have a magnifying lens effect and the leaves can get burnt. After the watering the plant simply rejuvenates. It is like a miracle. It is excellent for the health of your plants. But it has another effect that can be even better.

If you do this every day when the sun sets, the plant gets used to produce more cellulose. It improves its “muscles”. Therefore, when the autumn rains start, the plant will be strong enough to resist the extra weight and the branches will not break.

In other words, gymnastics is an excellent praxis for your plants. You will save many branches and buds.

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