New Jersey the lowest cannabis tax in the US

New Jersey: the lowest cannabis tax in the US

Permissions to deliver weed to customers

NJ lawmakers have written the latest bill for marijuana legalization and and stablish the foundation for a commercial cannabis industry in New Jersey. They feel very optimistic about this question.

Some NJ journalists have got a copy of the plan that prepares a financial situation according to which NJ could have the lowest cannabis taxes in the country and marijuana delivery places where users can smoke outside.

Basically, the bill is going to legalize the possession and personal use of small amounts of weed for citizens at least 21 years old. Not only this. It tries to create, regulate and create taxes for commercial weed industry in the state. This bill has some amendments to a legal weed plan already introduced by the state Senator. Nicholas Scutari, D-Union, in last June.

New Jersey can have the lowest weed tax in the US.

Provided the bill is approved just the way it has been written, New Jersey citizens would pay probably the lowest tax in the whole country: 10 percent.

Before legalization, bills floated taxes that rose up to 15 percent and even 25 percent after starting lower. The new bill will maintain the tax at 10 percent.

Governor Phil Murphy seems to be unhappy with this tax because it is lower than he expected. Therefore, the situation could vary after the negotiations.

Murphy said in a news conference that his administration has “not hardened a position on taxes. We typically don’t talk about legislation while they’re getting baked,” Murphy said. “We’re not ruling anything out. We want to get it right.”

It could be created legal places to consume

In many states where marijuana is legal, people can smoke only in a private place. However, and this is an important difference, NJ would allow consuming in other places.

The business with a retail license could be able to have consumption places provided they are separated from the dispensary. Retailers would need to get local approval for the consumption space and state permission too. That is what the bill says.

Possibility of getting your cannabis delivered

Citizens from NJ could be able to get their weed delivered. Those businesses that have a weed retail license could get a permission from the state to deliver all kind of weed products to the clients.

Murphy has indicated he wishes to support permissions to deliver weed. Only California, Nevada and Oregon have the same legislation about weed delivery.

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