Cannabis for insomnia

Cannabis for insomnia

Indica strains are your best option

Homeostasis is a medicine principle according to which human beings have the ability to self-regulate all their functions. Doctor J.A. Campoy says: “there are not diseases; there are sick people”. The so called diseases are in fact symptoms that indicate our body is not working properly because it is intoxicated. “ Pharmaceutical companies are poisoning people. They don’t want us to get cured. They want to keep us sick and selling their products” These words are a little part of a long interview in a Spanish TV channel.

One of the most important functions of the endocannabinoid system is to maintain the homeostasis in order to create a perfect equilibrium in our body.

When you suffer from insomnia, cannabis can be a great aid to get your sleep cycle back to the right track.

Only through a dreamless sleep we rejuvenate our organism. It is when our tired, hyperstimulated and stressed system gets a break from our stressful daily life. During a good sleep our body rests, cleans itself and detoxifies its organs. Only after sleeping our brain has the ability to process the information of the day and consolidate it into memories. Sleep is necessary to update your neurons and help the brain to respond better to the environment.

What happens if you don’t get enough?

Try to imagine the consequences. After hours of daily activity, your organism doesn’t stop. All of the processes ( deep sleep, metabolism, immunity, cognition and more) are compromised and your metabolism is thrown off. You capacity of thinking slows and becomes numb. All your immune system becomes weaker. Every process is modulated by your endocannabinoid system.

Insomnia many times comes from nervous tension and anxiety. It is well known that CBD reduces anxiety and, therefore, it can help you to seep well. However, some patients don’t feel the same with THC, a cannabinoid can eventually can make you feel nervous, which makes the insomnia worse.

Besides anxiety and tension, the whole sleeping process is modulated by the endocannabinoid system.

Cannabis increases the level of delta sleep, which is the dreamless sleep your organism needs to reset your body. Cannabis also decreases the period of REM sleep, or dreaming sleep, which impacts the formation of memory.

Indicas or Sativas?

Cannabis can decrease your anxiety, which can help you to sleep. But it is known that THC can eventually increase it, depending on the cannabinoid profile of each strain.

Sativa strains have more THC content than indicas. Therefore they are very stimulating and they can be a bad choice for those who suffer from insomnia. However, indica strains have a more diverse cannabinoid profile and are more relaxing. If you suffer from insomnia, you should choose strong indica strains to reduce your insomnia.

If you cultivate your own cannabis plants, remember that with age, comes oxidation. Once the THC becomes oxidized, it loses THC, which becomes cannabinol (CBN). This cannabinoid will help you to sleep better than THC.

Insomnia is one of the most common disorders of this century. Unemployment, stress, mortgage, fear of losing your job and many other problems contribute to this tremendous problem that is far away from being solved with the conventional medicine.

It is terrible fact that insomnia and different chronic sleep disorders are too common in the U.SA. and the rest of the countries. The more developed and rich is the country, the more people are suffering from this problem. Only in the U.S. almost 70 million people have sleep problems. Even though sometimes these people find relief in conventional medicine, pharmaceutical pills are not always efficient and, moreover, these medications are full of bothersome effects, such as chemical hangover, and have physical dependence. On top of it, they can produce overdose.

Pharmaceutical companies don’t want to finish the problem. They want to sell their “magic pills”, which are a real poison for our health. Traditional medicine has failed to improve the duration and quality of the sleep. Sooner or later the patients develop tolerance and the dose must be increased, which is dangerous. Moreover, this medicine cannot be taken if the patient drinks alcohol, which is very common. Provided you suffer from this disorder, have ever considered the use of medical marijuana?

In 2012, Massachusetts legalized cannabis to treat chronic insomnia. It has been proved that medical cannabis is absolutely efficient to treat the insomnia and other sleep disorders. On top of it, cannabis doesn’t produce chemical hangover.

Cannabis to improve quality of the sleep

It is amazing to know how many people underestimate the real importance of good sleep. The consequences of chronic insomnia go far beyond than just feeling tired, which is a big problem. The lack of good sleep can lead to high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease and stroke. In the short-term, insomnia reduces your energy, which is dangerous to perform many daily activities, such as driving a car. It decreases your memory and gets you in a constant bad mood. It affects too many professional and personal aspects of your life.

Given the drastic consequences, it is highly important to find an efficient treatment as soon as possible. Even though every patient has a different response to medications, cannabis has been the most constant one to alleviate the mental and emotional components that usually produce insomnia. These mental and emotional components are anxiety, depression and stress: the three constant problems of our developed and modern countries. Probably the conventional prescribed pills can be effective to treat the physiological causes of the problem. But they cannot provide a real wellness. This can be obtained from the holistic medicine, that provides benefits to body and mind.

Moreover, the benefits of medical cannabis go far beyond extending the duration of the sleep. It includes:

Better sleep hygiene. Sleep hygiene is about the quality of sleep. Obviously it is about certain customs and habits that produce lack of sleep. Caffeine, tea, alcohol and many substances are the cause of sleep disorders. Many cannabis users report their sleep is deeper and it is more long lasting after using medicinal cannabis.

Sleep latency. It refers to how long it takes for a patient to fall asleep, counting from a moment on which the patient is completely awake. Cannabis decreases this period and allows you to fall asleep within minutes instead of hours.


There are too many people who suffer from insomnia and mix sleeping pills with alcohol before going to bed. They expect to fall asleep faster. This is a great mistake because it can cause to wake completely dizzy and disoriented the next day. You will suffer from headache and tired. Even though you don’t mix, you will probably suffer from morning fuzzy-headedness and loss of short-term memory. Cannabis doesn’t have that nasty hangover effect.


It is important to be well informed before using cannabis to alleviate your insomnia. If you never used cannabis before, you can feel skeptic about its benefits. Don’t hesitate. Ask an expert on the subject.

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