Sex and marijuana

Sex and marijuana

Scientists say cannabis can be the nature’s aphrodisiac. Cannabis could be a way to increase libido

cannabis and sex

Even though there was no scientific evidence about it, many cannabis users feel that after smoking cannabis their libido increases. A research in the Pharmacological Research Journal has shown cannabis could be an efficient aphrodisiac.

Most cannabis users (70% percent) say their sexual life improves after consuming a little bit of marijuana. However, the same study reports that those users who abuse cannabis smoking feel a decrease in their libido. Is it a question of dose?

It is not easy to say how much cannabis improves sex. It depends on each user since each person experiences the effect in a different way.

Many cannabis users feel it heightens their senses and relax them. Moreover, weed gives them a special connection with their partners. But why?

THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid, releases dopamine in our brain. Dopamine behaves as a neurotransmitter and it mimics anandamine, the neurochemical that naturally occurs in the brain.

Cannabis seems to delay ejaculation for most men. Even though the science doesn’t has a total opinion about it, many scientists think cannabis reduces stress and also produces a feeling of time slowing, which allows the users to be more in the moment of the sexual act.


One third of American women say to have difficulties achieving orgasm. Once cannabis is consumed, it activates a receptor in your endocannabinoid system, which produces stimulation, both physical and mental.

The CB1 receptor seems to have relation with enhanced sensations and euphoria.

Even though there is the lack of enough research, it seems that the sexual activity is heightened after consuming cannabis; especially among women. It is attributed to the CB1 receptor’s ability to convert the THC into a more tactile experience.

THC and CBD affect your brain and body. CBD produces relax and THC increases your imagination and decreases your inhibitions. Sex is related to your sexual organs, true. But it is in your mind where excitement makes the miracle.

Even though we are far from being prescribed cannabis for our sexual life, no doubt it is a interesting question to be studied.

Anyhow, Doctors think marijuana could probably be a way to unlock our inhibitions in order to get a better sexual life. A recent article published on Mic concluded that cannabis make sex better for men and women. The benefits are quite a few: it increases libido, makes the orgasms last more and reduces anxiety that often is behind erectile problems.

“After smoking marijuana, couples tend to take more time to get a more complete sexual experience. They slow down the preliminaries, which could allow more vasocongestion (blood flow to genitals) and myotonia (muscular tension)” published therapist Ian Kerner. According to the article on MIC, cannabis helps to feel relaxed, comfortable and sexy. They are three factors that can lead to a better orgasm.


Stress is one of the most common sex killers. Cannabis, at least for most users, is a good stress reliever, which calms down your brain. It is very difficult to enjoy sex when you are suffering from stress.

However, sometimes long-term cannabis use in some people can produce low motivation. And the low motivation includes sex too.

Even though is true that cannabis affects people in different ways, depending on your body, several sex therapists are recommending their clients to experiment with the substance and decide what works better for them.

After cannabis legalization began and the stigma behind it decreased, many marijuana products are sold under the opinion of many users who think cannabis enhances sex.

For many years the common hypothesis was that cannabis would cause poor sexual function and lower sperm quality. However, there are many testimonials from people who say cannabis prolongs their orgasms and cannabis tampons relieve the pain of the menstruation.

Dr. Bone, who usually prescribes medicinal cannabis for women with low libido profiles, anxiety and difficult orgasms, says: “The sexual effect of marijuana can vary greatly. It’s not like the more, the better. Maybe some amount will relax you and make you more open to sensations and less inhibited with your body, but if you get super high, you’re not going to be able to concentrate.”

A research published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine said that they had analyzed data from the National Survey of Family Growth. They studied 60.000 people and wrote that people who consumed cannabis used to have more sex. Women who consumed cannabis had 34% percent more sex than those who didn’t. When it comes to men, the number was 22% percent higher.

Curiously, a new research from Michele Bagio, an economist at the University of Conecticut concluded that after the legalization of cannabis, the birthrate has increased by four births per quarter for every 10.000 women of age to bear children.

During thousands of years, cannabis has been considered an aphrodisiac. Different ancient cultures used it to increase libido, produce more lasting erections, delay orgasm and loosen inhibitions. This is a fact. But can modern science prove it? We need more research about it.

Strains to choose from

When it comes to choose the cannabis strain that works the best with you, it is important to remember that there are indicas, sativas and hybrids. For different reasons, one of the favorite strains among those who use cannabis to improve their sexual life there is the famous Ketama Diesel. Being a hybrid (60% percent sativa and 40% indica), this variety provides strong cerebral effect and body relaxation. These two characteristics are ideal for a better sex.

Moreover, this exotic strain has a delicious fragrance and taste. The seeds are very easy to grow due to their Afghani and Mexican ancestors, which give the plant its particular ability to resist the most difficult conditions. It is very productive and you can obtain the best hash with its sticky resin.

No doubt Ketama Diesel will fill up your senses and enhance your sexual life.

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