How Many Teens Smoke Marijuana

How Many Teens Smoke Marijuana?

The use of cannabis among youths has become more rampant in contrast to the use of alcohol. But most parents are not aware that their children are addicted to marijuana.

Marijuana has so many myths — particularly now that medical marijuana becomes popular among people suffering from various health conditions and it is also being legalized in many states.

Most parents have accepted the use of marijuana among teens because they think it’s a “natural herb.” However, research demonstrates that cannabis can be a dangerous drug especially in the development of a teen’s brain.

Nowadays the use of marijuana has become widespread among teens. So it’s essential to understand the risks, dangers, facts, and statistics that can help to solve the problem with teens.


Although we are not going to give a lot of literature, analyzing some statistics about marijuana use among teens will be useful for parents who have kids. Below is a few analysis on marijuana use among teens that might change a teens mind about smoking marijuana:

Individuals who consumed cannabis before reaching the age of 12 have a higher probability to suffer from a critical mental illness in contrast to those who started consuming cannabis at age 18 or older.

About 53 percent of grownups who started consuming marijuana between the age of 12 and 17 have reported lifetime marijuana use. About 2 percent report that they began consuming cannabis before they reached 12 years of age.

In 2010, it was reported that about 21 percent of senior high school students consumed cannabis for 30 days, while 19 percent of high school students were cigarette smokers.

Reports also show that about Nineteen percent of teens who drive on the highway confirmed that they have driven under the influence of marijuana.

Treatment facilities in the United States have about 17 percent of marijuana addicts, with the majority of admissions being opiates.


Cannabis can be very addictive. 25-50 percent of teenagers who use marijuana every day have a high risk of becoming addicted.

Teens who drive under the influence of marijuana have a high risk of having an accident. Around 14 percent of drivers who drive under the influence of account for most road accidents, and they mostly combine marijuana with other drugs such as alcohol.

Marijuana is prevalent among teenagers. Among teenage girls, Marijuana is more popular than cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, and all other illicit drugs combined.

Marijuana often leads to depression among teens. Studies have proven that teenage girls (ages 14-15) who are daily consumers of marijuana had a high probability of becoming depressed at the age of 21. Young women who consume marijuana daily have a high likelihood of having depression and anxiety.

Offenses related to Marijuana always lead to serious legal consequences. Even though each state has its unique laws, a few regions place harsh implications for teenage offenders.

Make sure you talk to your teen about marijuana to discover what your teen already knows and be ready to share the facts. Also, talk about the risks of consuming cannabis and try to make your teen understand the risks and dangers related to marijuana use.

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