Can Medical Marijuana Treat Migraines All you need to Know

Can Medical Marijuana Treat Migraines? All you need to Know

So far in 2018, 30 states nationwide have decriminalized the use of medicinal marijuana to facilitate the treatment of various sicknesses and issues. Some states have approved the use of medicinal marijuana for the treatment of health issues like depression, arthritis, and chronic pain.

To qualify for a medical marijuana card in states such as California and New Jersey, you must be suffering from conditions including migraines.

These chronic headaches are not similar to usual problems which can easily be treated with painkillers. People who continuously suffer from migraines find it challenging to carry out daily activities. Work, errands, and even the simplest tasks can become nearly impossible.

As the legalization of medical marijuana continues to grow nationwide, many people have the opportunity to use cannabis-based treatments rather than pharmaceutical pills. People who solely depend on opioids for the treatment of pain are currently searching for alternatives.

However, can this be possible? The government has placed limitations on Clinical trials and other forms of long-term research relating to medical marijuana. However, some, experimental studies might facilitate more extensive and complete research in the future.

How Does Medical Marijuana Alleviate Migraines?

CBD (cannabidiol) oil communicates with the cannabinoid receptors in the brain and nervous system. Doctors say that CBD can help the body to regulate high levels of a compound that plays a significant role in controlling pain, hence decreasing pain.

It can also decrease inflammation across the body.

For centuries, medical marijuana functions as a preferable method for the treatment of conditions like pain. The Federal government has placed limitations on marijuana research which has made it difficult for scientists to carry out proper research for conditions such as migraines. However, these laws are gradually evolving.

Based on a small study, it was discovered that individuals who receive treatment in the form of medical marijuana encountered lesser migraine headaches per month in contrast to those who received traditional treatment. Nevertheless, this research gives hope, but it does not confirm which side of the argument is true or false.

Many studies do not meet the criteria because although it shows that cannabis is an effective treatment, inadequacy in research programs make it impossible for scientists to be sure about their results.

It does not signify that medicinal marijuana won’t treat symptoms related to migraines. As far as this is concerned, doctors are unsure if it’s the compound extracted from marijuana or another variable that leads to relief.

Furthermore, research on medical marijuana shows that it can be used as a treatment for migraine side effects such as nausea and anxiety. Although it has not been proven to cure an actual migraine, it treats the unwanted effects of it.

As the legalization of medical marijuana continues to grow nationwide, more research needs to be done to prove that the drug is used as a treatment for migraines and different types of chronic and acute pain. Currently, there are some anecdotal and preliminary evidence carried out, but it isn’t the most reliable evidence. However, it gives hope for people who want to treat migraines with medical marijuana.

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