Relationship between cannabis and laughter

Relationship between cannabis and laughter

Laughter as a medicine

Laughter is related with the right frontal lobe of the brain. This is very curious because all our creative activity is associated with this right lobe. There is an excellent book named “Learn to use your right part of the brain”, written by a famous Spanish photographer that tries to teach the readers to be more creative and, therefore, get better pictures. All the creativity processes are related with the right side of human brain.

Serious investigations have proved that cannabis stimulates blood flow to these area. Cannabis usually improves your mood. We all know this fact. It makes you feel better. Being one of the most versatile plant, it is an excellent remedy against insomnia, lack of appetite, depression and many other problems. I personally believe homeopathy is a great solution to many diseases and disorders that traditional medicine cures with pills. We are what we eat and what we consume.

Some years ago my body was sick due to cholesterol (550!!!) and depression. The doctor gave chemical pills to get cured but they didn’t solve my problem. On top of it I had to take stomach protector to protect me against so many pills. After two months using the pills I was prescribed I continued having the same problems. I finally decided to use homeopathy and, believe it or not, I got completely well in two months. My doctor couldn’t believe it. What did I use to get cured? I used eggplants juice. That was all. It was cheaper and better.

The pharmaceutical industry is a powerful lobby that rules our lives for decades and makes the Government to spend billions. I personally think it is a kind of mafia. But remember, this is my personal point of view. And cannabis is one of the best homeopathic products we have at hand.

One of the main functions of theendocannabinoid system is the regulation of neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine. These are the two essential mood-boosting neurotransmitters. Cannabis increases the quantity of them in our brain which makes you feel much better.

Our brain also has neurotransmitters known as mirror neurons. These neurons are what make you yawn when someone else does. And it happens the same when someone else laughs. That is why we say laughter and yawning are contagious. It is true. The same thing happens with laughter. When you see someone else laughing and happy, you’ll generally get in a better mood.

This is very common when you and a friend are both high. Uncontrollable giggles are very common. However, this also depends on a series of circumstances like environment, company, and above all, the strain you are smoking. The characteristics of the flowers you’re smoking will have an enormous impact on your high and, therefore,, your laughter.

Indicas or Sativas?

Usually sativa-dominant strains have a more energetic/creative high. However, in certain situations, indicas can be the best choice. Above all, in certain social situations where you can enjoy a good company and a nice conversation. In these cases indica strains can be the ideal option. It all depends on you.

You must discover the strains that are the best for you, provided laughing is what you are looking for. And laughter is an excellent medicine. Don’t forget it!

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