Calm your pet with CBD

Calm your pet with CBD

How to calm your dog when it is scared of fireworks

Is your favorite friend experiencing certain anxiety? Are fireworks, noisy neighbors, or the slamming of doors getting you worried about his calmness and mind? Think about using CBD to calm him down. There are companies creating special products for your furry friends.

I wonder how many pets suffer these days like Independence Day, Xmas, Olympic Games and all kind of events where fireworks and screaming crowds are everywhere.

Like humans, animals of all sorts have their own endocannabinoid systems that can benefit from the CBD. Never use THC with your pet but CBD can act as a calming agent, soothing pet stress without the nasty side effects.

Phyto Animal Health

It is a company that has partnered with veterinarians to produce for your pet a full-spectrum CBD liquid. Minimally processed with a bit of organic coconut oil, your dog will calm down in situations of stress.

Vitality 100

The full bottle clocks in at 100mg CBD with 1-2mg recommended per serving.

Canine Dog Treat

It is a real treat for your dog. Simply delicious! Your best friend will jump for joy when he gets a taste of the simple yet powerful Canine Dog Treat, made by the company Cured Nutrition. With just five ingredients and no wheat at all, these 4mg CBD bites promotes sleep and calm down anxiety. And on top of it they’re 100% organic.

Daily Pet CBD Capsules by Hemp Doctors USA

Infused capsules aren’t only for human beings. They also have a place in your pet’s healthy. They are not specific for dogs or cats. They have been created for any kind of mammal between 15-60 pounds, the Daily Pet CBD Capsules from Hemp Doctors USA are both vegan and gluten-free with a boost of essential phytonutrients.

THC is not a good idea because of its negative health effects—like exasperating a dog’s anxiety despite its safety for people—CBD can be an excellent a calming agent, soothing pet stress without the nasty side effects.

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