Reasons Why Young people Use Marijuana

Reasons why young people use Marijuana

A report from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health states that 30 percent of young people (of ages 18 and 25) used marijuana in 2017.

This well-analyzed statistic is in favor of the benefits of ongoing interceptions targeting young people, which is usually the time when youth start learning about marijuana.

However, for specialists to have the skills to create successful interventions, they need to know the reasons why young people use cannabis.

Based on recent studies, we will give you possible reasons why young people may be tempted to smoke or ingest marijuana:

Peer Pressure

The main reason why young people start smoking pot is that of peer pressure. When an individual adapts to life in high school, college, or a new employment opportunity, that person meets new accomplices and starts developing new habits.

Individuals tend to be very vulnerable when they are in a particular environment, and this vulnerability can lead to the consumption of marijuana.

However peer pressure deals with more than high school friends, it deals more with family members. If a young adult sees a family member consuming marijuana, it can play a significant role in the person’s decision to start smoking pot.

Apart from peer pressure and family members, pop culture is another form of peer pressure. Most Teens and young adults are fans of pop culture, and they think its ok to smoke marijuana because they hear their favorite artist singing about it.

The notion that Marijuana is not dangerous

Most research studies don’t analyze the long-term health disasters of marijuana use; some young people believe that marijuana is “harmless,” and this makes the drug to become more attractive in contrast to tobacco or other harmful drugs.

But the use of marijuana has both psychological and physical health effects. If marijuana is used for a short period, it can result in memory loss, lack of coordination, anxiety, and impaired senses.

If marijuana is used for a long time, it can lead to a rising in heart rate, increase the risk for lung infections, destroys the immune system, and lead to temporary hallucinations and paranoia.

Furthermore, young people who consume cannabis tend having lower physical and mental health, more problems during relationships, and lower life satisfaction.

Finally, the use of marijuana can lead to substance abuse disorder, and constant marijuana smoking results typically in addiction.

Availability and Opportunity

Young people consume marijuana due to the excess availability of the drug.

However, many young people now find it easy to buy recreational marijuana because it is legal in most states nationwide.

Since most young people know about smoking, it becomes easy to use marijuana. This is particularly true for high school students who have more freedom to do whatever they want.

A report from the National College Health Assessment states that about 40 percent of college students have attempted cannabis, and the use of marijuana rises during life in college.

Summary of Other Reasons

The Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs reported that apart from the explanations given above, marijuana can be used to have a good time, reduce boredom, decrease anxiety or depression, and reduce the impacts caused by other drugs.

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