USA allows Canadian company to export marijuana

USA allows Canadian company to export marijuana

Canadian cannabis company Tilray to export products to the United States

Export marijuana. On Tuesday, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency permitted the Canadian cannabis company called Tilray to export a medical marijuana drug to the United States for a clinical trial. The medical marijuana drug will be examined at the University of California San Diego to decide whether it can be used in the treatment of essential tremor, a neurological disorder which affects about millions of Americans.

A neurologist and associate professor of neurosciences at the UCSD medical school called Dr. Fatta Nahab said the Food and Drug Administration and DEA took months to give them permission to import the drug.


The exportation of a drug called Tilray will be in the form of capsules containing both THC and CBD. The medical marijuana drug will be examined at the UCSD Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research to decide whether it can be effectively used in treating essential tremor, a neurological disorder that makes the body to involuntary move.

According to Dr. Nahab, the medication is an oral capsule formulation that has an actual plant in it. He also said that the drug is a purified, medical-grade formulation that has never been exported to another country.

According to Nahab, the quality of the medication gotten straight from the marijuana plant makes it very effective for a clinical trial.

Nahab said they have a set dosing, fixed, highly consistent, which means it’s really going to give them experience in the field of study.

Tilray’s director of clinical research in California, Dr. Catherine Jacobson said the importation of a cannabis drug is an essential milestone in future studies in the medicinal applications of the plant which is quite significant.

According to a press release from Nahab, scientists believe their work would gather the necessary information to set parameters for medical cannabis use.

Nahab said it’s motivating to further their work in this field of study by carrying out a primary trial of purified medicinal marijuana for a popular neurological disorder such as essential tremor. He also said that patients have were left stranded to figure out the efficacy, safety, and dosing of cannabinoids. This trial will be helpful in answering most of these inquiries.

No effective Treatment for Neurological Disorder

According to Jacobson, scientists have not successfully discovered a medication that effectively regulates involuntary body movement.

Jacobson said that there is no vital treatment for essential tremor. He also said that their ultimate goal is to understand if cannabinoids can be a successful treatment.

Jacobson further stated that there is “good scientific rationale” to examine marijuana as a potential treatment for essential tremor due to solid anecdotal evidence of its effectiveness at enhancing the lifestyle of patients.

Jacobson said that in 2019, the clinical study of 16 adult patients diagnosed with essential tremor will commence and is expected to last until 2020. Tilray and the International Essential Tremor Foundation will support the clinical trial and they are part of a greater effort to decide “how to target therapies for particular symptoms,”

Tilray Stock Rise

When the company reported that it has been permitted to export the drug to the United State, Tilray shares in Tilray, based in Nanaimo, B.C., had risen sharply on Tuesday’s trading. The stock of the company, which only started trading after an IPO at $17 per share in July, rose to about $150 on Tuesday.

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