Banned Aid Weed the World

Banned Aid: Weed the World

The first Public figure in the UK to open up about using cannabis oil for the treatment of cancer is Carol Coombes O.B. E, D.Univ, who is a leading strengths-based Leadership coach.

In February 2017, Carol publicly talked about her situation with cancer. This was done to make changes to the status of her beloved NHS effectively being gagged from discussing this.

According to Carrol, there were a few significant barriers that had to be jumped before getting there.

One of the few barriers, on several levels, was the use of cannabis oil, even though it was just one of the herbs being used in her massive effort towards wellness. Carol said that the real challenge that many people face when using cannabis oil isn’t that it might be illegal, varying upon where you are and which you apply. It’s not even that it’s difficult to source. People can overcome these challenges in a relatively short time since the cannabis community in the UK is growing.

It is easy to get help from people in the Cannabis Community, but there are also hundreds of ‘failsafe’ protocols and fake stories. People mostly offer only anecdotes that lack proof. However, it’s good that Carol made her way through it.

Oneof the biggest challenges Carol had to face doing that while reelingin shock of a cancer diagnosis and gathering an evidence base.However, many people should not be afraid to do it because CBD isexpected to be legal in a few years. Carol said that the informationgathered will be boosted by research from great brains likeMechoulam, Melamede, Gordon, Russo, Guzman, Sanchez, et al.

Carol wants people to be open, honest and have useful conversations about their treatments. However, if people fail to be open about procedures, they will not only be wasting their time but consciously denying even to acknowledge free and relevant data.

She focuses on the fact that clinical trials are not for everything. She also said that marijuana is a natural herb that has a lot of health benefits, and a few sides for people taking it.

CBD could benefit those people suffering from health conditions and lead to social, economic and environmental development to the country. Carol said the government should put more efforts into cannabis research programs to catch up with the developing world.

The NHS is yet to discuss the impact of Cannabis Oil on cancer since there’s a lack of evidence. Moreover, evidence can only be gathered with the recognized clinal trial meeting. And Clinical trial can only be held if there’s enough incentive to guide them.

For a start, Carol established a Facebook group called ‘Banned Aid: Weed the World’ and its open to people who is interested in joining the conversations. She is yet to start a book or blog, saying that there are too many books and blogs online.

Carol is fighting to provide evidence which can lead to future legalization.

Carol also has plans on starting a radio presentation session called ‘Come Die With Me,’ which will be focused on the most significant issues, and celebrate all the moods and humor of the final stages of life.

Carolalso has plans on starting a radio presentation session called ‘ComeDie With Me,’ which will be focused on the most significant issues,and celebrate all the moods and humor of the final stages of life.

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