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A mother recovers the cannabis oil seized for her daughter

Emma Appleby recovers the cannabis oil for her daughter Teagan that was seized at the airport by the Home Office

On April 23, 2019, at we published very disturbing news. I am talking about the article named “Seized medical cannabis for a girl”. Now recovers cannabis.

It was the case of a mother who desperately needed medical cannabis for her daughter Teagan, aged nine. Because doctors in Britain refused to prescribe cannabis oil to treat epileptic seizures, Emma Appleby and her daughter Teagan traveled to the Netherlands to buy it. However, the mother was arrested upon arrival in England and the medicine was seized.

Indeed, on June 6, the officials of the Border Force of Gatwick Airport seized all the cannabis oil that Emma Appleby and her daughter Teagan brought from Amsterdam, the city they had traveled to buy the cannabis oil that the doctors of England refused to prescribe to treat Teagan’s epilepsy; disease that produces up to 30 seizures a day.

The officials alleged that they did not have an import license. Emma Appleby bought 4488,94 Euros of THC oil capsules in the Amsterdam because the doctor refused prescribing it in UK.

Yesterday, June 16, Emma Appleby communicated through Facebook that her medicine had finally been returned to her. Most likely he was returned by the media pressure from around the world. If you read our article mentioned you will see how difficult it is to get a doctor to prescribe medicinal cannabis in Great Britain.

In her writing on Facebook, Emma Appleby was emotionally grateful to everyone who had helped her get her medicine back. However, he only has cannabis oil for two weeks.

Although cannabis oil may be prescribed in Britain since November 1, the reality is that doctors do not dare to fight with the bureaucracy and the incredible legal problems facing them.

Thanks to cannabis oil, Teagan has gone from 300 attacks per day to only five per day and, in addition, they give him at night; which makes it easier to take care of her. His mother had previously tried to bring the cannabis oil. I had specifically tried it in the month of April. It was also confiscated although he got it back weeks later through a dispensing pharmacy.

Emma Appleby traveled to Holland on her last trip accompanied by the Labor parliamentarian Tonia Antoniazzi, who told the media the hard and unpleasant experience that this family had to suffer.

If you do not have a medical prescription approved by the NHS, there is no way to get cannabis oil, at least legally, in Britain. For this reason, this mother continues to take risks because it is the only medicine that works with her daughter’s devastating illness.

The fact is that Emma had a recipe in the United Kingdom that met the established criteria and presented at the border control. Why did the Ministry of the Interior have the United Kingdom Border Force seize the medicinal cannabis that Teagan so urgently needs every day?

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